Post Forthcoming, I Promise!

I just tried downloading some pictures but this site is being quite uncooperative at the moment so for now I must content myself with a promise to post pictures at a later time.

Wes and I made it home safely and enjoyed the holidays very much. I haven’t been blogging, or even working, or even really doing anything of value since we returned because I was stricken. With the dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge. Wes and I got to take a festive little trip to the Emergency Room on Christmas Eve when I kept getting progressively worse. I’m on the mend (we hope!) and should be back to fighting form by the end of the weekend. As much as I enjoyed our trip to Mexico, I’m not sure my tummy could handle a repeat visit!

I will be back to work tomorrow, barring no mutinous dissention from my belly, and will hopefully have a witty post up here then.

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