Post It? Don’t Mind if I Do!

I go through a lot of Post-Its at work due to their appeal as a disposable writing surface for emergency note taking (like when I finally remember the name of a book I was looking for while I’m on a phone call) and as a depository for all the little impressions I get from the job candidates I talk to. The resumes in our files are sprinkled with well-organized and colorful Post-Its dictating the time and date I last talked to a person and what their story was.

The moral here? I love Post-Its because they make it so easy to keep things organized. You can imagine how I feel about the storage section at Bed Bath & Beyond.

The point? Well, what is the point of writing a blog if I’m not going to share with the Internet every inane thought that pops into my head and that I would probably share with you if you were sitting right next to me? The point is that I ran out of Post-Its today and had to pick out a brand new set in a different color (this may be the post pitiful post I’ve ever written. Seriously, who writes about colored Post-Its?!).

I trundled over to the cabinet of office materials and opened a new package of Post-Its. I selected a lime green pack this time because it reminded me of Spring and Spring is happy. When I placed my new prized office supply on my desk I caught a whiff of something. The smell of new Post Its.

It’s a generic new office supplies smell and it immediately transported me to the days when I’d go with my parents to buy new school supplies and I was always so excited about the new notebooks and backpack I’d get. I’d make an extensive list of the things I needed and then laboriously go through that list, agonizing over the choices for pen colors (which ink expresses who I am this year?), planners (does anyone actually use the whole-month planners? How can you fit assignment details onto that?), and backpacks (am I going traditional or messenger bag this year?). The best part came at the end of the day when I unpackaged all my new supplies and packed them all neatly in my new backpack.

Man, just writing that put a smile on my face. Who knew that opening a package of Post-Its would be enough to inspire not just a smile but the nearly 500 words in this here post? This situation demonstrates to me that not only do I currently have a decidedly unhealthy adoration for office products I also may have started off that way.

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