Pot Hole Soup

I’ve blogged about driving before. In fact, I’m tempted to blog about driving often. I restrain myself because there are only so many times people want to hear about how pot holes make me crave soup, pick-up trucks make me nervous about tornadoes (Which cars are always the ones that end up in trees after twisters ravage Oklahoma? You never see Volvos up tangled up there…), and dogs who stick their faces out the windows of cars make me smile.

I did have an interesting thought while out driving today that I thought I’d share, though. I was cruising down the freeway, Coldplay in one ear and my endless internal monologue in the other. It was raining and visibility was rather abysmal. I noticed a set of headlights zooming up behind me, all set to pass on the left. My mind was wrapped around other, more pressing problems, such as whether Washington D.C. was closer to New York or New Jersey, so I didn’t mind getting passed up like I normally do.

When the car finally drew up parallel to me, I noticed with disappointment that it was a silver Porsche. I said to its shiny little butt in passing, “Yeah, yeah, you’re fast. Try doing that in a ’64 Pinto next time and then maybe I’ll be impressed.” Honestly, being the fastest car on Highway 520 while driving a Porsche is like being the prettiest girl with the nicest shoes in the burn unit of a hospital.

4 thoughts on “Pot Hole Soup

  1. Ha, you are sooo on your toes, Dane! Thanks for answering that for me. I am the first to admit that geography is not my strong suit and all those little states on the East coast confuse the heck out of me.

    The reason I was wondering that is Qvisory is sending me to a conference in Washington, DC on May 8th and I was trying to figure out if that technically constituted “being in your neighborhood” at all. It probably doesn’t but I was still wondering all the same.

  2. Well, I made that drive every weekend for about 2 years. It’s just over 3 hours.

    Conferences should be fun! Let me know where you’re going/staying/conferencing and I’ll see if I can’t recommend some places to use the company credit card.

  3. I wish I had time to use the company credit card! Alas, I’m only there for exactly enough time to go to the conference, schmooze, and go home, so the only part of DC I’m likely to see is my hotel room and the lobby. Woo hoo?

    All the same, though, considering that from what I’ve heard, DC is full of hooligans and rough neighborhoods. That’s exactly what I need is to be mugged while lost in a seedy part of the nation’s capital. You know, though, that if I did get mugged the first thing I’d do is blog about it…

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