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Today is a good day. I mean, it’s yet another day in this pre-published week which means it’s a stressful day full of cupcake yearning, but it’s a good day. Because I have good news.

My book will be available in print in two months!

I know a lot of you are down with e-books, which is cool because PWNED will be available as an e-book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Monday (iTunes is coming in a couple weeks, they’re picky). For those of you who prefer printed books, however, PWNED is heading your way soon.

Man sakes alive though, laying out a book for printing is no joke. I tried doing it on my own and it’s an artform that’s not to be messed with. There are rules. And computer programs. And…um…Latin terms! Needless to say, I hired out for the layout because I just don’t have time to teach myself what some people spend years in school learning.

This is also why I’ve decided not to try learning how to take my car’s engine apart using only Internet tutorials.

Pointless tomfoolery aside, this is pretty darn cool in my opinion. I’ve been pondering the logistics of doing book signings with an e-book, and this makes that deliberation somewhat pointless. Now all I need to do is line up some book signing venues! And practice my signature. And work on not stammering in public.

6 thoughts on “Print Ready

  1. Noooooo what do I do now?? I don’t want to wait 2 more months but I’d rather have the print version. I doubt if I could convince my husband to let me buy it twice… how much are they each going to cost anyway?

  2. -Kelly O., You’re so sweet that you’d even consider buying it twice! The e-book is $4.99, and the paperback book will be $7.99. As for what you should do? Ummm…Well, do you have an e-reader? Which format will you enjoy reading most?

  3. We have a Kobo e-reader, and as I know nothing whatsoever about e-book formats I have no clue where I would need to buy it from.

    I think I would most enjoy reading the print version, but I most certainly wouldn’t enjoy the extra 2 month wait.

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