Progress is In the Eye of the Ice Cream Holder

I have no idea where my time goes. I’m pretty sure I was alotted 24 hours a day just like everyone else but here I am at 6:30pm and I just finished working. I’m still getting the hang of working two jobs but I think so far so good.

The one thing I need to get into my head, however, is that “telecommuting” does not equate to “free open afternoons”. I keep scheduling non-work things in the afternoons and then wondering why I’m still working into the evening.

I had an interesting challenge today, though. Someone disagreed with me on my Qvisory blog. She was very polite about it but it was the first time I’ve been disagreed with on a blog. I have to admit it scared the pants off me.

The blogger who disagreed with me is a fellow professional blogger who writes about work-related things and is very respected in the blogosphere. As soon as I read her comment I felt nervous and wrong. After re-reading it, however, I realized that I stand by what I wrote and disgree with her.

Still, it was the first time I felt like a professional blogger and it was a little scary to stand on my own two so-very-new-to-this feet. It took a little coaching from Wes to disagree with her tactfully but I think I pulled it off. My first instinct was to say “She’s wrong!” and then hide under a blanket with some ice cream (a very sticky business) but Wes was of the opinion that I can’t just step back and be b****-slapped like that on my blog so I screwed up my courage and tact and wrote back.

Admittedly, I’m not the queen of tact. I don’t get into disagreements very often and when I do I usually end up either making the argument about the other person (hence absolving me from any blame whatsoever) or taking all the blame on myself and rolling over like a dead duck toy (that sends up bubbles instead of quacks).

I’m happy I have the chance to engage in some adult polite disagreement. I’m not certain but this may be what my therapist calls “progress”. I’m still not sure that eating ice cream under a blanket isn’t the best course of action but I guess that’s why I’m not my own therapist.

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