Here’s to the Prospect of Failure!

Unbridled excitement. That’s what I feel right now. I have a million things to do before my book comes out in a month and all these ideas keep chasing themselves around my head like hungry fish. I did some work after Aidan went to bed last night and had a very difficult time getting my brain to calm down enough to allow me to rest!

There’s just so much to do! Revisions, marketing plans, cover designs, my daily scheduled freak-out that no one’s going to read my book and that I’m an idiot and woe and WHYYYYYYYY.

It’s a lot to take care of, you know?

Still, though, the predominant thing I feel right now is unbridled excitement. It feels so freaking good to have made a decision and to be going for it. As I told Wes during our walk last night, my writing is what it is. I can either get it out there and have it be a huge failure now, or wait a few years and have it be a huge failure then.

There’s no sense in toiling over something, investing hours of effort and work into it only to keep it hidden away because of crippling (completely justifiable) insecurity. Who knows? Maybe I’m not meant to be a successful author. I’ll never know if I don’t give it a try, and I refuse to live in a world of could-have-been.

So here’s to the prospect of failure, without whom we would not have the prospect of success! My publisher says 10,000 copies sold is the magic number. That pretty much everyone in the publishing industry will take me seriously if I sell 10,000 copies of my book.

Quite frankly, I’ll be blown away if I sell 10. 100 would be incredible. 1,000 would be unfathomable. 10,000? Well, that there just seems like a pretend number to me.

Still. It’s up to me to market this thing to the best of my ability. I think I’ll talk up the flashy aspects of it (geek takes on The Man! There’s a hot gamer geek girl! And an Aston Martin DB9! There’s a Snickers bar eaten for breakfast, a game of hide and seek, lies, deception, and vengeance! It’s a fun book!) and do my best to refrain from jazz hands.

Unless, of course, I sell 10,000 copies. In which case I’ll do jazz hands as much as I please, thank you very much.

6 thoughts on “Here’s to the Prospect of Failure!

  1. If I were secretly reading a copy, which I could never release that I was reading, if I was reading it, I would be loving it already.

    But I know nothing.

  2. -Jennifer, Heeheehee, you just made my day by theoretically telling me you like what I may or may not have written!!!

  3. This is wild. You are the second person I know with their first book coming out this summer! I don’t suppose you’ve run into Cat Patrick before?

  4. Hurray for unbridled excitement!

    I’m not going to have a buy a Kindle/Nook or other piece of equipment to read the alleged item in discussion, am I?

  5. Brilliant, I say! W00t! :) I’m sure, its going to go really well! Enjoy this one month of preparation before the BIG day :) I hope you don’t forget your blog readers once you become famous :)) !!!

  6. -Annett, I’ve never met Cat, no. Crazy that you know two people with books coming out! You must attract literary people :)

    -Blanche, Nope, no e-reader for you! You have a couple options with e-books. You can download it to your computer, and read it there as a pdf. You can download it to your computer and then print it out. Or, you can download it to your smart phone (like an iPhone or a Droid or Windows phone) and read it there. My publisher says if I sell enough e-books he’ll foot the bill for printing physical copies :)

    -G, Thank you! Of course I won’t forget my blog readers, you guys are the whole reason I even thought I could do this in the first place!

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