PSA: Boot Edition

In my quest to get my daughter to get her head down so she can come out the old-fashioned way come July, I have sought out the care of a chiropractor. My midwife recommended I see a chiropractor skilled in the Webster Technique to get my pelvis properly aligned, so that’s where I went this morning.

First of all, this chiropractor was amazing. She clearly knew her way around a pregnant back and was personable and reasonable. Second of all, she explained what’s up with me in a way that contextualized why Little Girl has been having trouble flipping.

Essentially, the problem is that the Infernal Storm Trooper Boot of last summer strikes back.

The Boot made my left leg longer than my right despite my best efforts and the ensuing effect is muscular compensation and torquing on my pelvis. My right leg was two inches shorter than my left leg this morning, but when I left they were about the same. Hooray!

So let this be a lesson to you: If you have to wear a boot that makes one leg longer than the other, GO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR AFTER YOU GET IT OFF! Otherwise you’ll be walking around with a tortured, twisted pelvis and one leg shorter than the other.

True story.

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