Puppers and Poopers

I made the terrific mistake of asking one of my employers for more work and, as such, I’m completely buried alive in to-do lists, plans, outlines, and madness. As such, today’s post will be woefully short.

Wes and I had a terrific weekend, though, so I’m all revved up for the hectic week(s) ahead. We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and both really enjoyed it. I don’t care what all the haters say, Indiana Jones can still save me from a collapsing monolith any day of the week.

On our way to the movie, we caught sight of this:

Oh yes we took a picture of it. Wes and I giggled like school-children for about a minute before Wes hung himself out the window with our camera to capture a shot of it. I hope the owner of this particular Pooper is OK with getting photographed for posterity because with a car like this he’s practically begging for it.

Is it sad when a defaced logo makes your whole weekend brighter?

Wes also accomplished a lot of weight training over the weekend, though I’m certain that when Doc volunteered to help Wes work out, this was not what he had in mind.

Isn’t it fun when this is what passes for normal in your household?

2 thoughts on “Puppers and Poopers

  1. I’m glad you weren’t stupid like all the stupid people who didn’t like Indiana Jones because they’re stupid.


  2. -Dane, I agree. A lot of people harped on Indy because he’s older in this one but I friggin applaud the guy. If he’s still saving the world from Communists and Nazis at his age, I say we give him a medal, not deride him for his hair color change.

    Also, I know a lot of people our age who would not sustain that many beatings with as much grace, so they can all go eat worms for all I care. Stupids is right.

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