Puppies on Parade

I feel like such a fool, and yet still have room to find myself extraordinary. One wonders how I manage it all…I woke up this morning and went about my normal routine. I made coffee, put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on my makeup. As I was walking into my room to get dressed a hint of white caught my eye. I peeked out the window and lo and behold it was snowing! The snow had covered the roads so I knew leaving for work was no longer an option. I rattled off an email to my bosses and crawled back into bed.

I feel foolish because it took me 30 minutes to notice it was snowing outside. The reason I feel extraordinary is that I was able to go back to sleep after drinking half a cup of coffee. My husband, who cannot ever go back to sleep, secretly seethes with jealousy.

Now, don’t come stalking us, but here is a picture of our lovely home all wintry and cute-like. You may or may not agree but I am possessed of the opinion that my house is cute as a button, especially when it looks like it’s frosted with cream cheese icing. We’ll consider this photographic proof of why I’m working from home today, shall we?
Alas, I know you’re all dying to know about the puppy. “Enough with your silliness, Erika! We want Doc!” you all cry. Don’t worry, I shan’t disappoint. Doc had his staples removed on Friday without any fanfare at all. They took him into a back room while I leafed through a “Dog Illustrated” magazine and five minutes later he came back sans hardware. The vet technician pronounced him healthy and ready to resume life as a puppy. I brought him home, bathed him, and life’s been dandy.

His scar is still rather prominent but it’s healing nicely and after a swim in the river yesterday it’s very clean. He’s really happy about being outside and free again and Wes and I are happy our house no longer smells like nasty puppy. As promised last week, here’s a picture of Doc in his newly refurbished kennel outside:

You can barely see him against the straw. Wes calls it Labrador camouflage. When you look out the window you can barely tell where he is sometimes. He’s very warm and snugly in the straw and likes carrying it around in his mouth like a parade baton. He tried digging under it (probably looking for a rocky snack) but when all he found was concrete he gave up and hasn’t tried since.

By the by, we didn’t get “Knocked Up” last weekend. I miscalculated its position in our Netflix queue and it didn’t arrive in time. Maybe we’ll watch it next weekend.

I think the highlight of last weekend (because every weekend needs a highlight) was last night. I made homemade custard pie and we played “Guitar Hero” on Wes’ X-Box. It was surprisingly fun though it sadly aggravated my carpal tunnel. I know it wasn’t real but it was a kick to play “Bulls on Parade” with the animated Tom Morello.

I hit 94% of the notes and was ecstatic to finally have found a video game that Wes doesn’t immediately beat me horribly at. He’s way too good and I’m way too competitive for us to normally enjoy playing video games together so it was pleasing to find a game we could both enjoy. I have no doubt that next week Wes will have graduated to the Hard level while I’ll still be stuck in Easy-ville but for now I’ll take what I can get.

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