Puppy Pedicures

Doc Holliday, puppy extraordinaire, is almost fully recovered from his mysterious leg injury and we are so happy. Between his rock-removal surgery and his leg injury the three of us haven’t gotten outside for exercise much lately and we’re all showing the effects of that.

For my part, the sudden decrease in exercise means I have nearly uncontrollable cravings for chocolatey delights and buckets of coffee. Trust me, for all of our sakes, we need to get this puppy well so I can get walking again!

One thing that is not helping the puppy get well again is me messing up his claws. Wes and I clipped Doc’s nails this morning and I cut one of them too short. I wish I could say that was the first time I’d done that but that would be a lie.

Clipping a dog’s nails is a tough business. They really don’t like it and make the process as difficult for you as possible while you’re doing it. Doc is actually not too bad, he just tries to escape every now and again if I take too long, but I’ve heard of some dogs who will viciously bite their owners during trimming time.

When it’s time to trim, Wes holds the puppy and I trim. Doc decided to flinch at the last minute and one of his nails is a little too short now and was bleeding a bit. Poor puppy. This didn’t alarm me too much, though, because it was infinitely better than the first time I accidentally clipped too close.

That time, he was 8 weeks old and very squirmy. I was trimming his nails for the second time and he moved and I clipped anyway and the result was way too much nail being clipped. It took us an hour to stop the bleeding and I was in tears the whole time. Like I said, trimming is a tricky business made trickier by escapist puppies.
Fear not for the puppy, however. He’s outside right now and he’s not even paying attention to his paws. He’s actually digging under the hay in his kennel looking for mysteries. Like Scooby Doo but without the stoner hippie friend.

He does wish I’d stop taking pictures of him all the time, though. He says that all the media attention is exhausting and that it’s hard out there for a player nowadays. Too true, my friend.

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