Put a Pin in Book #3

This is, obviously, Stewie from Family Guy. I did not draw this.

This is, obviously, Stewie from Family Guy. I did not draw this.

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Yep. True story. I typed the last word (which, incidentally, is ‘spy’)¬†on that sucker and then had to run to get my kids. That ending was a real beast, I had to rewrite it three times because I just couldn’t seem to get it right. I knew what I wanted from it, I just had a hard time getting there. To the extent that I was in the worst mood possible Tuesday night after writing 3,000 words in what I knew was the wrong direction. I knew I had to delete everything I’d just done and try again, and it was really ticking me off because I’ve been working on this book for months now and I really wanted that satisfying ending.

The trouble was, I couldn’t seem to find it. I was so irritated about the whole thing (you would be, too! Imagine writing your favorite climax ever and then not being able to figure out how to land the story as a whole. Infuriating!) I prayed about it and, wouldn’t you know? The idea I’d been looking for plopped right into my brain. It was pretty cool.

What’s next for me now? Well, let’s see. I need to go back for an initial rewrite and revision on Book #2, which I finished in February and haven’t touched since then. After that, I work like crazy on my pitch for ThrillerFest, where I’m hoping to land a fantastic agent who likes bad puns as much as I do and will land me a big, juicy publishing contract.

For those of you keeping track, the books are working-titled as followed:

  • Bai Tide (Book #1, takes place almost right after the events of Blood Money. Bai falls in love, gets tortured in North Korea, and and goes off-roading in an armored school bus)
  • Take the Bai Road (Book #2, think Mexican drug cartels, a massive conspiracy, and domestic terrorism)
  • Never Say Bai (Book #3, from Kiev to Manhattan, Bai gets drawn into a fight between a disgruntled ex-spy and nefarious corporation)

These books are a ton of fun, and I think Bai has yet more adventures in him. Now I just need to get someone to pay me vast sums of money for them!

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