Book Cover Contest!

The big day is here! I’ve had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented graphic designers, all of whom have brought different ideas to life. I would recommend working with every single one of these brilliant people because, as you can see from the designs below, they’re excellent at what they do.

I’m excited about every single book cover design and, as such, have brought in my crew of intelligent, well-read blog readers to help me choose.

Without further ado, let’s get to the contenders!

Option 1, design by Daniel Held:

Option 2, design by Kira Lehman of Stellamari

Option 3, design by Isaiah Townsend

Option 4, design by Wes Mitchell

Cast your vote for your favorite cover!

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13 thoughts on “Book Cover Contest!

  1. I voted for number 1, but I also think 2 and 4 are great. To me, number 1 evokes a thriller novel. Number 2 almost looks like it could be horror, and although number 4 is (a) funny (b) really evokes the plot (c) a great reference and (d) aesthetically pleasing in a way that also draws attention to the cover, I worry about copyright issues.

  2. Thanks for your vote DC! Also Stellmari I checked out your DA and love your Sagan painting, being a Sagan fan as well I may have to change my wallpaper to that. Any chance I could get it 1680×1050?

  3. -dc, Are you worried about copyright issues for 300 or Portal with option 4?

    -Daniel Held, I emailed Kira that you like her stuff, I’ll see if I can hook you up :)

  4. As an artist, here are my thoughts.

    I really expected to have a clear favorite, but these are all really well executed pictures/covers. I LOVED THEM ALL.

    In a book cover, I want two things; I want the title and the authors name, big and clear. I think option 1 does this best.

    I like the idea behind option two, but the overall picture is too dark. It’s too hard to see it’s a guy at his computer and it makes me wonder what he’s doing on his computer. Porn? gaming? Farmville?

    Option 3 is stylistically very appealing, however neither the title nor the authors name jump to the forefront, they are both either faded, or small, and seem to fade into the over all picture. Which again, is a really sweet pictures.

    Option 4 looks like it could be about MMA. It’s not clear its related to computers or gaming, and if you don’t know what PWNED means, it’s a bit hard to grasp.

    If we are getting super nit picky, on option one, I’d change the shade of red. It’s a bit too blood red. It’s verging on horror- red. Other than that- ssqueee! Your book is getting published.

    Let me once again say, the talent you’ve gathered here is impressive. These designers know their stuff!

  5. #1 is best, but Wesley’s is my second favorite.

    Oh, and I think #1 would be better w/o the mountain profiles – just a straight across transition from keyboard to black. The best graphics are generally more simple.

  6. -Jennifer, Thanks for the feedback! I’m so impressed with all these covers, my heart sped up a little when I saw each of them. If we go with option 1, I’ll ask Daniel to fiddle with the shade of red.

    -Lisa M, Thanks for chiming in! Now you’ve got me curious about what option 1 would look like with a straight across profile instead of the mountains. I’m sure that’d be an easy fix for Daniel to do. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. I can’t believe the poll has Daniel as a straight sweep for all 39/40 votes. That’s very impressive!

    I second Lisa on ditching the mountain – but was thinking more to put your name on the control key…

    What awesome options!

  8. -Blanche, Seriously! My goodness, what a day! Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll see how those turn out!

  9. I really like the way your name is displayed. I don’t think it is a “mountain”, it looks like more of a design element, maybe a torn piece of paper… I think the boldness of the solid black with the jagged edges give a nice contrast against the grainy textures of the keys and their linear, geometric form.

  10. Jennifer- “it’s a guy at his computer and it makes me wonder what he’s doing on his computer. Porn? gaming? Farmville?”

    The screen shows the starting screen for Starcraft 2 without being blatantly Starcraft 2. I am very concerned about copyright and trademark infringement. The cover can also be brightened or tinted very easily. I tablet-painted that cover digitally using my big screen tv as my monitor, so if it shows up too dark on a regular screen, I can easily remedy adjustments like that.

    Daniel- Thanks! Here’s a full-size Carl for you to use as a wallpaper All manner of prints of it are for sale on my deviant art as well (it’s linked from my site)

  11. When I first looked at the pics on my phone, I could hardly see the guy in #2 and it was my least favorite. Then when I looked at it on my comp, I could see it more clearly and ended up liking it best! #1 was a close 2nd though.

    As far as what the guy is doing, it seemed obvious to me from the position of his hands that he’s gaming… Am I really just a huge nerd and it’s not obvious at all to a normal person??

  12. I definitely voted option 1 too- the strong use of color really caught my eye. I liked No 4 too… not letting go of the fact that Wes might know a great deal more about the book than the rest of us. ;)

  13. -Ashley, Thanks for commenting! You may be right, maybe a straight across line would look boring. I’d tend to agree with you, I like the contrast.

    -Kira, Clever you, using the start up screen for SC2!

    -Kelly O., As the book is marketed to gamers, I would say that if it didn’t strike you as weird when you first saw it, that’s pretty indicative it won’t strike other people as weird either.

    -Txtingmrdarcy, Ha! There aren’t any holes for people to fall into in the book, so no worries! Wes hasn’t actually read the end of the book yet :)

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