It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s FINALLY HERE!!!

Great googly moogly, my book is finally available in print! It took me three months and countless proofs, but it’s done! As in, orderable. As in, you could actually be holding my book in your hands in a week or so if you ordered it today!

I can’t believe it. You guys, the way I feel when I see my name on the cover of this book is outrageous. I feel like challenging a tiger to a fistfight and adopting a million orphans and then running a marathon.

I can’t promise it’ll have the same effect on you, though. Fair warning.

You can order it in two places. If you order it from Createspace, the company that prints the books, I make more money. If you order it from Amazon, though, well, you can use your saved shopping data and sometimes convenience is more important.

Wherever you choose to buy it (if you choose to buy it), please know you’ll have my undying gratitude and thanks. I promise if I make it big as an author I’ll totally buy you a beer or something.

Anyway, you can now order PWNED in print from either of these two places:

And, of course, if you want to buy it as an e-book for your e-reader you can do that on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.


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