Quantum of Hero-Worship

Oh my tail feathers, heavens to Betsy! Have you ever had one of those weekends that was awesome, intense, yet relaxing in just the right way? I did. I just did, in fact. If we’re being entirely truthful, I’m still trying to wake up from said weekend, which means that all the work I just did has been done while half-asleep. The cough syrup bottles all warn against operating heavy machinery while drowsy, but they never say anything about operating blogs, do they?

Part of the reason I’m so bleary-eyed this fine Monday morning is that I had a rare bout of insomnia on Saturday night that resulted in me getting a whoppingly atrocious 1 hour of sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep for eons, and then, when I did, I woke up an hour later and laid awake with my eyes closed until Wes woke up and went to church.

Oy, I was a zombie yesterday. A zombie who read (and finished!) the Twilight series from 7AM clear through until 5PM with only a few bathroom and lunch breaks in between. I think I spent a grand total of an hour away from the couch yesterday. It. Was. Awesome.

In addition to conquering the Twilight series, I also accompanied my fantastic husband to the movie theater to see Quantum of Solace. It was a fun little date and, for the most part, we enjoyed the movie. I think I’m going to have to see it again at home, though, before I form a cogent opinion about it.

You see, I was ever-so-slightly (read: very) irritated while we were watching it because we had the severe misfortune of sitting in front of a row of teenage boys, all of whom were deep in the throes of James Bond worship. It was a very trying experience.

Every time Bond did something, we could hear a chorus of adolescent hero-worship behind us. It got a bit extreme. For example, they started ooh-ing and ahh-ing when Bond wasn’t even on screen. The camera zoomed in on a lizard in one shot, and the boys behind us started saying, “Oh, cool. Look at that lizard!” (in the interest of full disclosure, they had the same reaction when the camera zoomed in on a dog, and also when Bond walked down a staircase.)

I was sorely tempted to turn around and remind them that it wasn’t a James Bond lizard/dog/staircase (?), so they were excused from thinking it was the coolest thing ever.

Le sigh.

In retrospect, I am now convinced I’m going to have to see the movie again without benefit of a constant cacophony of over-stimulated teenage boys, because as of right now my memories are dominated by a cloying feeling of annoyance.

As regards the Twilight series…You know what? I think my thoughts on the Twilight series merit their very own post because I have strong thoughts and they are many. I guess this means stay tuned…?

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