The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 2

My new Fitness Together blog post in up on their blog and you can check it out here! If you feel like it, please pop over and check it out. I whine about how delicious the Super Bowl is, and also share what I learned about the importance of strength training.

Also, I just have to say that having a personal trainer really is helpful. I’ll talk more about this in my blog post for next week, but yesterday I was able to hold the plank position for 30 seconds! That’s 20 seconds more than I could hold it when I first started working out. I know there’s no way I could get those kinds of results without personal trainers helping me work out better.

If you’re local and feel like getting on the personal training bandwagon, you can check out Fitness Together’s website here. They’ll even give you a free training session so you can try it for yourself!

Stay tuned for next week, wherein I hope my weigh-in and measurements will reflect the fact that I’ve met my calorie goals and exercised every day. Oooh, suspense!

6 thoughts on “The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 2

  1. Yay! Plank for 30 sec – you go girl ! .. and 1 cm off your waist – Keep it up! :-)
    I have my measurements on Thursday :-| fingers crossed !
    Also, you are doing great !

  2. Congrats on your progress and diligence. It really is a matter of keeping to a consistent program, both food and exercise-wise. No secrets, no glamour. Just, um, hard work.

    Might I add, hard work for your entire lifetime? I know–yuck! But I’ve found this to be true. I have to watch what I eat Every Single Day. Sigh. (Or, as I think your gen is now saying??? “Le sigh.”)

  3. -Working Girl, Thank you! I’m so sad to be past the days when I could eat whatever I wanted…Then again, I’ve never been thin so maybe I never had those days to begin with? Either way, I do miss free-for-all dessert evenings with Wes, when we would eat a couple cupcakes and cookies apiece. It’s okay though, those days were good but now it’s time for smaller pants.

  4. It’s amazing seeing progress, isn’t it? But what’s weird is that seems to take forever but not long at the same time! I had one of those ‘wow’ moments in yoga when I finally was able to get my foot from a downward dog to a lunge without having to pick up my leg.

    And yes I miss the days of being able to eat and eat and eat without consequence. But as a kid I did a whole lot of running around and growing which requires extra energy.

  5. -stef, It so is!!! That yoga move sounds tricky, I tried visualizing it and ended up falling over in my brain ;) I have always been chubby, so I guess I have never been able to eat whatever I wanted without consequence. Regardless, it sure is a brave new world wherein I pay attention to what I eat!

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