Rat Mafia

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday but we were attacked in the night and my attention was needed elsewhere.

Who were we attacked by, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The rat mafia. Yes, they have struck again and we’re all paying the price. We keep our dog food in a sealed bin in the garage but we keep the unopened bags on high shelves until they’re needed.

The rats have had a very good time eating the food up there and have generally left the rest of the food in the bin alone. Until Wednesday. On Wednesday, Wes emptied our last bag of dog food into the sealed bin, effectively depriving the rats of their favorite food source. Their hush money, if you will.

Well, they decided swift action was necessary so they mobilized in the night and wrought havoc on our sealed bin. See below: Is that not shocking proof that the rat mafia means business? I mean, we skip one night’s payment of hush money and look at what we wake up to! As further means of teaching us a lesson, they left one solitary rat turd on my washing machine. A rat mafia version of the severed horse head in my bed, if you will.

So, today we shall go and procure a metal dog food receptacle. And some sticky rat traps. And a commercial sanitizer because Oh My Goodness Gracious Am I Grossed Out That There Are Rats Crawling With Their Bubonic Plague-Diseased Paws All Over My Washing Machine.
I proposed the idea of leaving Doc out there all night to scare them away but I think he might actually eat one and I don’t even want to know how we’d explain that one to the vet. Hay-and-hairballs and rocks and clips are one thing, swallowed-whole rats are quite another.

2 thoughts on “Rat Mafia

  1. Put the dog food bag in a metal garbage can. Then loop over a bunge cord or two to the handles.

    Put a bucket half full of water on the floor with a wood ramp. Float some dog food in the bucket and the rats will drown.

  2. That is awesome advice! Oh, I’ve been cogitating and trying my darndest to come up with creative ways to get even with those reproachful rodents and the water bucket idea is perfect. It’s simple, economical, and devious…though I will definitely have to have Wes empty out the bucket in the mornings because I can’t stomach the thoughts of dead floaty rats…

    Thanks for your ideas!

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