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I may have mentioned on here a few times that I’m a fan of puppets. It’s a truly strange preoccupation, one that has repeatedly brought about embarrassment for me in front of strangers who don’t understand why I lose my mind whenever puppets are around.

Thanks to the Internet, though, I know I’m not alone. Beck has used puppets, and he seems to be doing OK so I suppose it’s safe to assume that my puppet predilection is not something that will hinder my professional success.

I promise that all this serves a point (though you have to admit that you wouldn’t be surprised if I wrote two whole paragraphs pontificating about my love for puppets just because I felt like it, would you?). There are times when something comes across my computer screen that is so amazing, so life-changing, that I absolutely have to drop everything else and post it here so that I’m not the only one who’s aware of its existence. Today, I am pleased as punch to present to you: Twilight: The Puppet Saga.

This silly little three-minute video had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to need a resuscitator. What fun!

I haven’t seen the movie, but as far as the events in the book go it seems to be pretty spot-on. I especially like the puppet fight scene at the end, the effects with the boards is fairly impressive.

This is really all I have to say today. I think a puppet rendition of a popular movie pretty well speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say?

4 thoughts on “Really Cheap Entertainment

  1. That’s pretty great. I loved the “hair” smoothing part(s).

    Have you seen any of the Bunny Shorts that are out? If not, same idea, but with bunnies and only last a minute. It’s like Cliff Notes for movies.

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, That sounds just up my alley, I’ll definitely have to check that out. I love it when people do this kind of thing, it’s so creative and fun!

  3. -Spookydan, Your video seriously made my whole week. You did a great job! Thanks for brightening the world with your puppets and theatrics!!

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