Rebel Gone Wrong

Piercings.  I love them, I have them, I can’t keep them.  Not many people know this, but at one point in my life I had seven piercings on my person.  There were three in each ear and one over my belly-button.  I’ve never been particularly skinny, so not many people ever saw the belly-button piercing, but it was there and I loved it.

I think piercings, when done artfully, are beautiful.  I’m not saying I want my ears gauged large enough to stick a fist through or anything, but I’ve seen some people do beautiful things with their piercings.  I once met a girl who’d woven silver wire through a bunch of holes in her ear and it was gorgeous.  It can be a real art, in my opinion.

My parents consented to let me pierce my ears for the first time when I was 12, and I did my darndest to keep the piercings clean.  I was plagued by miserable infections, but still I doggedly kept them in and cleaned them twice a day like I was supposed to.  Eventually (as in four years later) they stopped hurting so dang much so I figured the time was ripe for another set of piercings.  My best friend and I went in and got a second set of holes put in right above the ones we already had.

Those seemed to heal quicker, so I got a third set of earrings, these ones high up in my cartilege.  I’ll never forget how they crunched when they were put in!  I thought I was looking pretty cool with my piercings, and had always wanted to try a belly-button ring, so right after high school graduation I laid down on a table and watched as some random piercing person put a huge freaking needle through my stomach.  Very weird, I must admit.

Now I was looking pretty cool, though not nearly hard-core.  I merely looked like a girl who liked earrings.  I loved my new look, and thought it was decidedly at ease with the person I thought I was my freshmen year of college.

Then the honeymoon ended.  I started having a hard time sleeping, and I realized that it was because my cartilage piercings were painful to sleep on at night.  I tried taking them out one night but, when I woke the next morning, found I couldn’t get them back in my ears.  Trying to re-pierce cartilage at 6AM is so not worth the effort so I shambled off to work and bid a solemn farewell to one set of piercings.

Next to go was my belly-button ring.  It started hurting.  A lot.  About five months after I got it I started feeling this terrible burning pain all the time, and I was never able to change the piercing without problems.  It simply wasn’t healing, and to add weirdness to it, it also started migrating out.  The reason, it turns out, is that my skin was rejecting it.  My skin literally pushed my belly-button ring out, and I now have a fantastic scar there from the two months it took me to get what was going on.  So, goodbye to that one as well.

I removed my second set of earrings for my wedding and forgot to put them in again after the honeymoon.  When I finally remembered, the holes were long gone.  Four years of healing, gone just like that after one week.  I’m left with one measly set of piercings.  How very tame.

The reason I bring all this up is that I tried to put earrings into my ears for church on Sunday.  And couldn’t get them in.  I had to re-pierce my ears for the millionth time, and it occurred to me that I will never have problem-free piercings.  Ever.  Do you know why?  Because I’ve had these piercings since I was 12, which, in two weeks, will officially be half my life.  If half my lifetime is not enough time for my ears to heal properly, they’re never going to do it until I’m 100 years old and my earlobes are situated somewhere around my ankles and the holes are large enough to use as football goalposts.

Do you have any idea what would have happened if I’d liked tattoos instead?  I’d probably have started off with a pretty butterfly or something and ended up with some ugly sailor flipping me the bird.

10 thoughts on “Rebel Gone Wrong

  1. Mine heal pretty quickly too, although not nearly to the extent of yours. Remember when I decided to re-pierce my own ears with a safety pin sophomore year of high school? What a silly child I was. Oh, and Happy early birthday!

  2. -Delisa, I do remember that, we had such great ideas in high school…Thanks for the early birthday wishes! For my birthday, I want to have a waistline that shrinks exponentially in relation to how much chocolate I eat (unless I’m pregnant) and I’d like to burn oddles of calories while sleeping.

  3. My ears were pierced at the old age of 16(!), but I can remember having to do that punch-through a few times after I’d worn earrings that had bad metal posts or backs (anything but gold or true silver gives me a nasty crusty rash). Yuck.

    Now I solve the problem by being lazy and wearing the same earrings all the time, usually a pair of studs, currently the diamonds DH gave me for some holiday last year (just count it as a sign of early onset old-timers disease that I can’t remember the exact one).

    You made me laugh out loud at work at the tattoo going from a butterfly to an ugly sailor flipping the bird. Shame on you! ;)

  4. -Blanche, Maybe it’s my crappy earrings giving me grief, I never thought about that! Alright, I’ll just go tell Wes he needs to get me some gold earrings, I’m sure he’ll be fine with it…I’m glad I made you laugh, I will feel no such shame for that!

  5. My fiancee has the same thing where anything other than the actual precious metals will make her ears explode. Including sterling silver as opposed to real silver.

  6. -DC, Huh, it seems that everyone’s been able to get their significant others to buy them nice jewelry by saying their ears have to have precious metal earrings. I’m gonna have to look into this…Thanks for the tip!

  7. -Blanche, Sterling silver is brighter than pure silver and doesn’t tarnish. Sterling silver is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger. The more you know!

  8. Wow! I wish I could trade places with some of you. I got my ears pierced (just one in each ear; very tame) when I was 16, wore earrings most, but nowhere near all, of the time for about 30 years, and have been waiting in vain for the holes to close up for the last decade. Just out of curiosity, I put in a couple of earrings every now and then and they slide right in as if the holes haven’t in fact been empty for years. I did always wear precious metal earrings (nothing less fine than 14K gold), so maybe that’s why I never had any infections or other problems. But now I have no desire to wear earrings, I basically never do wear them, and I still have 2 perfect holes in my ears!

    Erika, hope you’re staying as calm as possible and having at least a relatively relaxing weekend.

  9. -Debra, Oh, that’s a whole different kind of problem, isn’t it? Huge gaping holes in one’s ears would be kind of annoying! Thanks for the weekend wishes, I’ll do my best!

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