On My Recent Reticence

Longtime readers of my blog may have noticed I’m a bit more reticent about writing about my family life than I’ve ever been before. Back when Aidan was born, this could even have been considered a Mommy Blog for the overwhelming majority of posts that were focused on what my experience of motherhood was like.

And now, those posts are gone. Well, not gone per se but hidden. Private. They’re still stored on my blog, and I read them often, but I’ve decided to scale back on my self disclosure a bit. And it’s all my book’s fault.

When PWNED got published, I had to start working on my marketing months ahead of time. I knew my blog would be part of what publishing industry people call my “platform” and I had to give some serious thought to what was disclosed there.

If the book did well, and I was optimistic it would, my site had the potential of having hundreds of new visitors, many of whom I’d never met. I had to ask myself, how much did I want to share with total strangers?

I think this is a decision every blogger needs to make: How much to disclose, and about what. For example, I will happily share an embarrassing story about myself, but probably wouldn’t if it happened to my husband.

The funny thing is, I always knew there were people reading my blog whom I’d never met personally, but that never bothered me because I’m a tiny little blog in a vast sea of blogs and I was pretty sure no one cared all that much.

Now, though, strangers are visiting my blog (hello, there!) to find out more about me as a writer, and it’s my job to determine how much about my life they’re entitled to know.

So, I hid a lot of posts. About 200, in fact. In the grand scheme of 700 posts they probably won’t be missed. Unless you know what you’re looking for.

I just didn’t want Aidan to grow up someday resenting me for making it public knowledge that he did X, Y, or Z when he was growing up. I want him to make his own decision about how much of his life, if anything, he shares with the Internet.

So that’s why I’m a lot more reticent about my family now than I’ve made a habit of being in the past. It probably makes for less mommy-centric reading, and if that’s why you were reading this blog in the first place I apologize, but it’s what I felt was in my family’s best interest.

Now I just have to figure out what else I have that’s worth saying. How about that recent major sporting event?

2 thoughts on “On My Recent Reticence

  1. Hey, makes sense to me since I’m one who uses nicknames and shares few pictures.

    (But if you want to create a “private” blog for the more family oriented stuff, I’d love an invite to participate!)

  2. -Blanche, True, true. It’s probably just me being over-protective mama bear, but that’s the way it has to be for now. I have given thought to a private blog, but have yet to make a definitive decision. I’ll keep mulling it over!

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