Recumbent Tickles

I just realized that I neglected to post something yesterday, leaving you all with what I’m sure was bated breath and an overwhelming desire to absorb the minutiae of my weekend. As I am of charitable heart and giving nature, I’ll attempt to make up for my lassitude by penning a ridiculously flowery post and hoping you’ll forgive me. Sounds like a good plan, yes?

I’ll start with some worrisome news and then progress to the sunnier side of the street. Doc Holliday, puppy extraordinaire, has injured both hind legs and is scheduled to visit the vet on Saturday. He has had a limp in his left hind leg for months now, and we, thinking it was sprained, kept him off his feet as much as possible and watched as he got better, worse, then better again.

This weekend, things took a turn for the worse and now his other leg is acting up. Our neighbor, who is a lovely and very sweet person (who also happens to be a vet) took a look at him yesterday and noticed that his knee-caps had slipped off. She adjusted them back but recommended that we take him in for x-rays because there were bound to slip off again and without x-rays she wouldn’t be able to figure out why.

We’re still letting him take it easy but it’s really sad to see him hobble around. For a dog whose greatest passion in life is the abuse of toys and fetching of balls, it’s a hard life indeed to be relegated to the bleachers because of a bum leg. We’ll hopefully know more on Saturday and I will, of course, keep you all posted.

Onto the good news. I made cheesecake last night and it looks perfect. We’re having some friends over for dinner and it’s such a comfort to know that, even if the dinner is gross, at least I can feed them with 5 lbs. of cheese, butter, and graham crackers.

Wes and I had the opportunity to play volleyball yesterday, which we seized faster than a kleptomaniacal pirate, and escaped relatively injury-free. I did fall down, but I’m really excited because when I fell I didn’t swear. What I did do is hyper-extend my knee in the wrong direction, so that feels pretty special right now.

I was also offered the chance to ride a recumbent bicycle and it was a hoot. It’s the fastest I’ve moved (without shelter of a car/boat/plane) since I was 12 years old and it felt great. The bike was really comfy too, so maybe someday when I’m eccentric and old I’ll buy one for myself and take pleasant yet addled trips around town.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the weekend was that it was extremely restful. I read a whole novel in two days, Wes finished building The Precious and enjoyed playing some games, and my brain appreciated the break from work and rewarded me by coming up with tons of ideas for the book I’m working on (“working on” being a very loose term because, between working 45 hours a week and running three blogs, so far the book only exists in my head and on three pages of a Word document.)

Inevitably, though, my three-day weekends always zoom past me. It always takes me until the third day to feel like I’ve really gotten into the swing of things, and this is invariably just in time to go back to work. I do love that today is Tuesday, though, because it feels like this week is already going by really fast. Ask for me tomorrow, though, and you’ll find me a grave woman.

If anyone can guess that muddled reference I will do a dance of celebration right here in my office chair. I imagine it will look a lot like someone getting tickled underwater.

6 thoughts on “Recumbent Tickles

  1. -Dane, Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness. How in the world do you DO that?! I mean, it’s a completely buried reference anyway (it’s not oft quoted) and I changed it a bit. You’ve got a bionic memory!

    PS: I did the dance. It was very silly :)

  2. You should put a video of your silly dances on you blog. That would make it extra entertaining.

  3. -Del, Duuuuuuuude, people I KNOW read this blog! How could I possibly go out in public when I knew that people had been privy to my most silly and depraved moments?! Also, I have no video camera, so I have neither the wherewithal nor the means with which to produce videos of myself dancing. Just ask Wes, though. My dances are more awkward than entertaining, I promise :)

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