Remodeling Our Way to Greatness

I finally located my camera and worked up the necessary energy to take a few pictures. I (as always) neglected to take before pictures so you’re just going to have to use your imagination in order to get a feel for how bad things were before we turned our house on its head.

This is our bedroom. Notice the plushy soft carpet? That’s new! It used to be a faded dusty blue. We hadn’t realized how much our carpet pad had deteriorated until we stood on new pad and revelled in its softness. The new carpet is so nice. It’s so new that when Doc walks by his paws leave perfect indentations. He’s thrilled about the new carpet, as you can see:

He’s lying down here on the top of the stairs and he seems to enjoy the plushy new carpet almost as much as we do. Notice here that the banisters are new (a nice replacement for the white iron railings we had before). When they’re done being installed I’ll post pictures of them, too.

The next step is our bathroom…Wish us luck as our bathroom holds the one shower in our house and is likely to be a giant mess for a good long while.

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