Remodeling the Blog

No, I have not been hi-jacked and forced to girly up my blog at threat of knife-point, not have I been abducted and inhabited by an other-worldly pink-loving cretin (though of course, if I had been either of these things, I wouldn’t ever own up to it, would I?).

Wes is working on re-designing my blog for me so things are going to be a bit messy around here for a little while. Maybe you’ll be looking at this blog and everything will seem normal. Maybe you’ll barely even recognize the place.

Don’t worry. I’m still here. So’s the nonsense. If you have a desperate need to verify my identity, feel free to ask me questions with answers only the real Erika Mitchell would know.

4 thoughts on “Remodeling the Blog

  1. Well, I for one like the pink. But then I would, wouldn’t I?

    Also like the little lacy thing you’ve got going…..

  2. -Working Girl, Thank you! Wes is very proud of that little lacy thing and will be tickled that you enjoyed it!

  3. To the real Erika, if that’s your real name:

    What life occasion demands to be choreographed, and when?

    Alternatively, you may answer by filling in the blanks:

    “Ashley, when I ___, will you choreograph my ________ ?”

  4. -Ash, When I die, will you choreograph my wedding? Maybe it’s because I’m all grown up now, but that still doesn’t make any sense to me. Seriously, though, good question! An imposter would NEVER have known that!!

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