Restricted Movement

My biggest apprehension in being on restricted movement (no exercise other than light walking and no lifting anything heavier than ten pounds) for the six weeks following my C-section was taking both kids out shopping. After all, if I couldn’t lift Aidan into a shopping cart, what in the world was I supposed to do to keep him and his busy little fingers occupied with something other than bringing about the ruination of order in any store we ventured into?!

Not being one to let fear dictate my behavior, I decided to wing it and saddled up my trusty minivan last week to take the kids out to Target. My shopping list was long and my patience was high thanks to a good night’s sleep, so I figured it was better now than never.

It went surprisingly well. Aidan hung onto the front of the cart like a leggy little sea urchin and Lily slept through most of the trip, so I count it a success. Of course, everything went kablooey the minute we walked through the door, because it always does, but at least everybody kept their tempers in check until we got home so I still count it a win.

I find that with each week of mother-to-two-kids I survive, I grow more confident. I’m beginning to suspect that the days when I’ll feel capable of adding exercise and writing back to my daily routine are coming soon, and they will be most welcome.

Of course, it’s been so long since I exercised I doubt I’ll be able to lift any weights heavier than ten pounds anyway, but hey. It’s a good start point. And this time I’ll get to work out secure in the knowledge that I’ll never have to lose baby weight again.

That fact in and of itself is reason enough to celebrate.


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