RIP Soft Drive

Oh man, we had a doozy of a night last night. Between the thunder and lightning ALL FREAKING NIGHT I think we got a total of three hours of sleep. I have a lot of trouble sleeping when I can hear thunder because it scares me a little and makes my heart pound. For some reason, it’s hard to sleep when your heart is pounding like you’ve just finished a run up the stairs. Well, maybe your heart doesn’t pound when you run up the stairs. Then again, you probably don’t eat as many desserts as I do.

Adding to the always-awesome effects of sleep deprivation is the fact that today is the day before a day off. Wes and I don’t have work tomorrow so I’m having an exquisitely hard time focusing on what I’m supposed to be doing. Like, you know, working.

I did manage to cobble together some semblance of productivity today, so I think we’ll just take what we can get and move on.

Speaking of moving on, I have the unique privelege of baking not one but two cheesecakes this weekend! It appears that word spread at work and today I was presented with money by two of my colleagues and asked to bring two cheesecakes with me to work on Monday.

Quite frankly, I’m flattered enough to be embarassed a little. The fact that people would pay money for my baking makes me blush from the roots of my hair down to my toenails. It also makes me wonder what the cashier at Safeway will think of me when I check out with six packages of cream cheese, two containers of sour cream, and a pound of butter. He’ll probably just think that I’m a suicidal lactose intolerant.

Either way, Sunday will find me in the kitchen crushing graham crackers, fluffing cream cheese, and probably just being nervous about screwing up. It’s one thing to bake cheesecake for my husband, who’s kinda stuck with me regardless of whether or not I make good food, but it’s quite another to bake a cheesecake for someone who’s paid good money for it.

In other news, Wes finally received all the parts for his new computer. For the last week, we’ve been receiving bits and pieces of the Precious and the last piece finally arrived today. He spent the majority of yesterday and today tinkering, assembling, and formatting and it’s finally up and running. It’s really snazzy from what I can tell. The mouse, keyboard, and CPU all emit a bright blue glow, as though radioactive.

At this point, I’m forbidden from entering his studio until the Precious is assembled and safely ensconced in its protective carbon-steel fortress. It appears that Wes is not under the impression that the Precious would be best served by me accidently crushing the video card with my foot.

We are all optimistic that I’ll soon be granted entry priveleges once the Precious is done being formatted or something. It’s definitely something to do with the hard drive. I guess the soft drive didn’t make it.

When I imagine what may have happened to it all I can think of is an Oregon Trail-like scenario wherein the soft drive and hard drive are crossing the Rockies and the soft drive gets dysentery and is buried by the side of the road by the weeping hard drive. Times are hard for electronics.

5 thoughts on “RIP Soft Drive

  1. -Dane, Thanks! Wes did explain to me the nature of the hard/soft drive state o’being but not until after I posted this.

  2. Well, that wasn’t the only funny thing about your post. And in general, you write things in a clever and amusing way which also make one laugh. If I was a fangirl I’d go SQUEEEEE! on a regular basis.

  3. -Dane, Well, I guess you could still say squee without being a fangirl. You could just pawn it off as being ironic, that seems to be the M.O. of most silliness nowadays. Thanks for the compliments though, they encourage me greatly :)

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