Romantic Or A Roman Tic?

Romance. The top three things I think of when I think of romance are, in no particular order:

  1. A candlelit gondola ride on a canal in Venice.
  2. A candlelit dinner with good wine, soft music, and an unobtrusive waiter/waitress.
  3. Slow dancing in the kitchen even if there isn’t any music playing.

Do you notice that blatant trend in there with the candles? I could have easily added candles to the third item, too, but thought I might try restraining myself for once. On that list, the only one I haven’t done is the first one. I did slow dance in a marble ballroom with Wes on the shores of the Dead Sea, though, so I think we’re not too far off.

Romance is an integral part of Wes’ and my marriage. We put very high stock in romantic gestures, in little poems sprinkled throughout the day, in celebrating anniversaries big and small. It makes our day to day life sweet and special and absolutely nauseating to anyone who’s not us.

I was talking with someone today, though, who doesn’t do romance. She told me about a recent evening wherein her boyfriend came home high out of his mind on cocaine, forgot to buy her wine but did rent a movie, and then spent the rest of the evening throwing up.

My response to this was something sarcastic, along the lines of, “Wow, that sounds really romantic.” She scoffed at this and replied that she wouldn’t know what to do with romance. In addition to making me sad, this statement also prompted me to think about modern romance.

Has romance gone the way of chivalry and good table manners and become a quaint remnant of the past? I sure hope not. I’m lucky to have married a man who appreciates a good outlandish gesture almost as much as I do, but I hope we’re not the only ones.

I hope there are couples everywhere leaving one another hidden love notes to find throughout the course of the day, who are coming home to find the house bathed in candelight with a fancy dinner on the table and soft music playing the background, who whisper sweet nothings to each other during movies, and who are not afraid to give each other dramatic swoon-style kisses in public places.

What is the point of a life where the best you can expect from a relationship is to not be vomited upon?

2 thoughts on “Romantic Or A Roman Tic?

  1. Hmm…we used to be like that. It’s hard to fit romance in when we don’t see each other often, and we live with our brother. By the way, the theme of your romantic scenarios in candles….mine (and his) are stars.

  2. -Del, Oh, I remember the stars at your wedding! Very cute! Grown-up life certainly doesn’t make romance easy, does it?

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