A Little Something to Help You on Your Way

There. Now we can have a weekend.

(I know I haven’t done Things That Do Not Suck Thursdays in ages and ages, but I categorized this as such because, well, this really does not suck. And if you ever feel hesitant about asking for what you want in life, think about this guy. I promise that whatever you’re up against is nowhere near as scary as a hungry Great White Shark.)

(Also? I found this image here. Go there if you want to see lots and lots of funny pottymouth things.)


2 thoughts on “A Little Something to Help You on Your Way

  1. This series has become one of the bright spots of my Fridays… This week’s is pretty terrible, you should probably check it out. ;)

    Eff you Shark, you are drunk!!

  2. -Txtingmrdarcy, I wasn’t such a fan of this week’s, but the previous weeks have all been hilarious. I read them while on the boat to Victoria and I was cry-laughing so hard I garnered a bunch of very peeved looks!

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