Scientific Research

There are two reasons I know my Dad will beat cancer. One: he is young and strong and his doctors say so. Two: I have scientific proof (because pictures=proof) that my Dad is tough, not to be messed with, and fully equipped to kick that cancer right in its follicular little face. Please see Exhibit A: This is a photo of my Dad killing a snake with a pointy stick. We were camping in the wilds of Northern California and an unwelcome intruder showed up. My Dad dispatched said intruder with the aid of a pointy stick and a flashlight. A pointy stick, people. That is some hard-core toughness. For further proof, please see Exhibit B:
This is a picture of my Dad from his youth when he trained attack dogs. He’s holding back a vicious German Shepherd who will attack at his command. That’s right, my Dad trained attack dogs when he was my age. You have to be tough to get German Shepherds to listen to you and you have to be super-tough to be able to train them to be attack dogs. This cancer hasn’t got a chance.

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