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So there I was, rocking out to Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” and minding my own business when the radio announcer barged on the air and made a very serious announcement. After the aforementioned song, it seemed as though a very serious announcement might be a segue to news about how it’s raining self esteem in Bremerton or how the vicious wind has finally knocked some sense into the hippies over in Seattle.

No, my friends, the very serious announcement was actually serious. It was more bad news about the economy, hitting close to home by narrowing it down to the area in which I live. Apparently, Microsoft is poised to make some very “strategic cut-backs” and this foretells job losses later this month.

Now, neither I, nor my husband, works for Microsoft, so this isn’t going to impact us directly. It is, however, going to impact the area we live in. Microsoft is the major employer ’round these parts and layoffs are not going to go over well. Sure, there’s Google and Amazon here too, but that’s exactly what the other xxx laid-off ex Microsoft employees are thinking.

Let the employment wars begin.

After following this announcement to, what is in my mind, its logical conclusion, I got a bit melancholy. Layoffs suck, and I feel sad for all those people who will shortly be receiving some really lame news. I’m sad to know that there is so much stress out there already, and that this won’t help matters at all.

I realized that what we need is more Things That Do Not Suck. Believe me, if Things That Suck are what tickles your fancy, you will have enough fodder to keep you going for weeks if you look around.

If, however, Things That Suck tend to make you feel down around the corners of your mouth, I have a proposal: Things That Do Not Suck Thursdays. It’s pretty simple, every Thursday I will share with you a Thing That Does Not Suck. The aim of this little tradition will be to bring a little sunshine into your day.

I in no way guarantee profundity, nor do I even make any shambly allusions to the Things making sense. The only thing I will say is that these Things will most definitely not suck. Think of it as a small counterpoint to the times we’re living in.

With that said, I’m off to scrape some dinner together (for the humans and the canine of this household) before the inevitable loss of power from this windstorm. It’s one thing to cook dinner from scratch, it’s quite another to cook it over an open flame by candlelight. Do you have any idea how hard it is to tell if chicken is cooked through when your only light source is a tea light?

No? Well, take it from me: It’s hard.

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