Seriously Un-serious

Transcription from an actual conversation between Wes and I. Setting? The living room, we’ve just peaceably resolved a minor disagreement. Time? An hour ago.

Erika: If ever there was a day for Starbucks…

Wes: …

Erika: …It’s today! Nothing says reconciliation like a strawberries and cream frappuccino! And then there’s the whipped cream. Whipped cream is the ultimate reconciliatory gesture. You should take the puppy and get me Starbucks.

Wes: Why am I the only one who has to do something for reconciling?

Erika: I’m making dinner.

Wes: …

Erika: It has olives in it.

End scene.

This may go a ways toward explaining why, whenever I say something that I actually need Wes to pay attention to, I have to preface the statement with something like, “OK, this time I’m really being serious.”

2 thoughts on “Seriously Un-serious

  1. -Del, No, alas, it was too late in the afternoon by that point and dinner would have suffered for our indulgence. Whipped cream is good at 2 in the afternoon. At 4, it’s a death sentence for your dinner.

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