Shall We Plummet?

One of the companies I work for, whom I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, is filled to the brim with young people. People who are young enough to have played with Transformers and not been looked at askance. People who probably still play with Legos when no one’s looking.

As such, it’s a really fun place to work. Today, we bought pizza and discussed hangovers. Yesterday, we debated in depth about the merits of costly retail apparel vs. Costco clothing. Yeah, we work sometimes too but only when we’re distracted into doing so by a ringing phone or impending pick-up.

About a week ago, my boss called me into his office and asked if I’d like to go sky-diving with the company. I promptly asked him if he’d like me to soil myself. The merest thought of sky-diving is enough to make my hands clammy and cold with fear. I’m light-headed with the heady intoxication that only sheer panic can induce just thinking about it.

Apparently, however, there are people who have done it without perishing. Most of the people at my office have thrown themselves out of a speeding aircraft with nothing other than a flimsy backpack filled with hopes to cushion their epic plummets to the ground.

Knowing this gave me pause, because I’m really not one to be left out of any adventure. Even though I hate rollercoasters, for example, I’ve often found myself clamped into an inevitably sweaty vinyl seat screaming “STOP THE RIDE I WANT TO GET OFF!!!” while the cars carry me away from comfort and the unquestioned security of the food in my stomach.

That being said, I might actually be thinking about doing the sky-diving thing. Maybe. It’s a tickle in the back of my thinking place. After all, many have gone before and only a few have been pulverized by the crushing force of their own inertia, right?

I don’t know, I keep going back and forth on the issue. On the one hand I’m young, and there’s no reason to die for a thrill I’ll probably be blacked out for (from the sheer terror.) On the other hand, I’m young and I don’t wanna die without any scars (of the adventure-having kind.)

Have any of you sky-dived? What did you think, was it worth it? Do any of you want to sky-dive? For goodness’ sake, why?

6 thoughts on “Shall We Plummet?

  1. -RockLobster, You’re a long ways from needing a bucket list, my friend! However, since it’s on your list and Wes’ list, perhaps the 3 of us will go screaming into the vast void of open space between us and ground together. We’ll just have to make sure we eat lunch afterwards instead of before!

  2. Summer 09 at the latest… I want to be insured first. Why? Well, believe it or not, you typically LIVE from most sky diving accidents (very rarely do you die) and the rehab is long and painful and expensive.

  3. -Matt, that is a very interesting point. I don’t believe I’ve ever considered the ramifications of surviving a skydiving accident. I reckon you’re correct in assuming that the recovery from such an accident would be pretty awful. Good plan to stock up on the health insurance (and life insurance…?) beforehand!

  4. Airborne, Sargent!

    Never been myself, but there was a parachute in my garage for several years. I will skydive when the opportunity presents itself or I make the opportunity.

    I’m always reminded of a quote which I will butcher in paraphrasing and not attribute to the correct people:

    An Army Ranger was asked why he would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. He replied, “I don’t, but I like to be around the kind of people who do!”

  5. -Dane, Were I you, I’d probably refrain from using the old parachute in order to avoid giving yourself opportunity to curse the moths in your garage all the way to the ground.

    As far as the quote goes, I imagine that’s one instance where peer pressure can save you from the ride of shame back to the ground. That’s why the only way I’d go is with a group of people who I know will do it.

    I once asked a Navy veteran what it was like jumping out a plane during training and he said, “Windy.”

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