Shiny Red Blog Post

Check out what Wes and I picked up over the weekend…

Oh yeah, you know you're jealous!

Oh yeah, you know you're jealous!

Pretty sweet, huh?  Domino’s was having a sale on pizza!  What’s that you say?  You can’t see Wes holding a pizza box because there’s a shiny red Corvette in the way?

We wish that were our shiny red Corvette, but alas it was just a tourist visiting the lives of the plain and un-flashy.  This beautiful work of auto craftsmanship belongs to Wes’ dad, who borrowed Kermit our trusty Kia car for a moment.  He left the ‘Vette in our capable hands (meaning garage) while he was gone.

I gotta tell you, it sure was nice opening up our garage and seeing that gorgeous automobile sitting there.  Don’t you think it looks totally natural next to Wes’ beat-up old Camry?  A Corvette would fit right in!

In non-sports car related news, Wes finished negotiations with our CPA today, who will henceforth be refunding us the entire sum of money he charged us to file our taxes this year.  That means, ladies and gentlemen, that we will not longer be kicking ourselves for having paid an outrageous sum of money for what was, in essence, possibly the worst tax mes-up two non-shady non-billionaires can experience.

Woo hoo!

It may be a Monday, but things are definitely looking up…

2 thoughts on “Shiny Red Blog Post

  1. Gotta admit I don’t particularly like Corvettes – but a shiny apple red one will turn my head.

    Yay for Wes and his super-duper negotiating skillz!

    (Are you sure he didn’t sucker the ‘Vette out of the CPA? Because that would be sweeeeeet.)

  2. -Blanche, The sad thing is that we could have bought a (used) Corvette with the amount of money they lost us!

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