Shoes, Booze, and Chocolate

I am very pleased to announce that I had nary a nightmare last night. I was pretty tense when I came home though because, quite frankly, quitting suddenly is a stressful situation. It was the right decision but it’s hard to say goodbye to the people I’ve worked with for the last eight months. Wes, in his typical sweetheart fashion, offered to do the dishes so I could go upstairs and take a bubble bath.

He made me a cosmo and sent me away to relax. While I was waiting for the bath tub to fill up I told Wes that when our sons are older and ask us how to be good husbands I’m going to tell them to give their ladies booze when they’re feeling stressed (because apparently I’m grooming my future daughters-in-law to be alcoholics and my sons to be enablers). Wes offered that shoes also make women happy, then later appended that chocolate really must be entered in for consideration as well.

Before we knew it, we had discovered the perfect trifecta guaranteed to make almost every woman smile: shoes, booze, and chocolate. I could probably get away with writing a doctoral thesis on that alone.

Completely unrelated to anything, here’s a picture of Doc. He was having a tea party with Professors Quacks and Waddles and the Bobs when I broke the news to him that I’d quit my job. At first he was shocked:

When he realized that this meant I wouldn’t be so stressed and anxious anymore he was really happy for me:

Imagine that, a supportive husband and a supportive puppy. I really do have it all, don’t I?

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