Siesta Fiesta!

I took a nap in my car today.  Have you ever done that?  You tell everyone you’re going to take a brief break, go out to your car, recline the seat, and set your cell phone alarm.  With the right kind of temperature (warm sunny days work best) and the right kind of tiredness (think up all night for any reason, really) you’ve got the makings of a really stellar nap.

I actually read a study about a year ago that extolled the virtues of napping at work.  They argued that a 15 minute nap could refresh your mind, help you be more alert and inventive, and feel more energized for the remainder of the day.

As someone who’s recently sampled this strange indulgence, I can say these things are true.  I slept for about ten minutes and that felt just about right for me.  Not long enough to make me feel drowsy, or make my eyes get all gummed up.  Just long enough to rest.  ‘Twas lovely.

This is where siestas would really come in handy.  I feel that, as a culture, we are really remiss to neglect this delightful habit.  Who wouldn’t love to take a nice long break during the day?  To go home, plop down on the couch, and doze for an hour or two?

Then again, who would want to come back?  I know from personal experience that once my body makes contact with the couch, there’s no coming back.  The couch is molasses, and I am the hapless mosquito who can’t resist just one delicious, innocuous little sip…

Also, you know there would be that guy who insists on working through siesta.  This guy would totally ruin it for the rest of us.  We’d all come back from siesta time refreshed and he’d be at his desk, tie all undone, kvetching about how hard he’s been working and how he has so much to do he can’t possibly take a break.

What a jerk!

So maybe siesta isn’t the right answer.  Maybe more people are just going to have to embrace taking naps in their cars.  I know it seems really weird, but trust me on this: If your eyes won’t stay open and every phone call feels dredged from the very pit of despair itself?  A ten minute nap could keep you from getting fired because you snapped at some poor grandma who couldn’t figure out how to use the Internet.[poll id=”12″]

4 thoughts on “Siesta Fiesta!

  1. My boss takes a quick nap after lunch a good 4 out of 5 days (the 5th day he has a lunch meeting with one of the national service organizations) every week. Of course he’s over 80 and the office is in his home, so it’s easy for him.

    At my job before this, at a boarding school, the school historian also took a nap in her apartment after lunch every day. When I left she was pushing 100, had been at the school in various capacities since her 20’s, and taking naps after lunch for a good portion of that time. She attributed her longevity to clean living and the daily nap. And by clean living: no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, and her biggest splurge was eating biscuits with sausage gravy when they were served for breakfast in the dining hall.

    So, there you have two examples of the benefit of a daily nap. Of course, all it takes is for me to give myself permission to take a nap and bam! I’m wide awake again. Sigh.

  2. -Blanche, Huh, so maybe naps are the secret to longevity. Screw face cream, I’m going for nap time! I’m not sure I can get behind the clean living, though. Where’s the fun without margaritas?

    I’m sad you can’t nap, though! Wes can’t either, though the one time I can ever recall him being able to nap was when we were severely jet-lagged upon our return from Israel. That was a darn fine nap!

  3. on rare mornings when i am both in the office alone AND miserably hung over… i have been known to turn off the lights, lock the door and lay down on a blanket in the back. on the floor. yes i have.

  4. -txsjewels, Oh my gosh, if I were in the office alone and our phones didn’t ring every few seconds I would be ALL OVER THAT. I’m surprised you go to work when you’re hungover! I’ve been hungover twice (during the workweek) and I called in sick both times.

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