Skeletons Welcome Here

Wes and I have set up this newfangled system with Netflix wherein we can watch movies instantly using our Xbox. It’s a handy-dandy little system that all but guarantees that we constantly have new movies to watch when our mailed DVDs are slow to arrive.

As a result, we’re always combing through Netflix, adding new movies to our “Watch Instantly” queue. Wes and I were hanging out the other day and scrolling through our movie choices. When he got to one of them, he stopped and asked me who had put Dante’s Peak in our Netflix cue.

I quickly confessed and was met with jeering and mockery. Apparently, Dante’s Peak is a bad movie. This was news to me, so I promptly asked Wes, Now, what about a questionable relationship between a divorced mother and laughably hard-core geologist, imminent destruction, and stilted dialogue doesn’t sound like a good time to you?

He just laughed and refused to watch it. Never one to be foiled, I merely watched it by myself while Wes had to work late last night. Even though I haven’t seen it since I was really young, and the dialogue is admittedly not the best, I still had a good time watching it.

I have an embarrassing affinity for natural-disaster movies. If it has a terrible naturally-occurring calamity and ham-handed special effects, chances are good that I’ll enjoy watching it. If it has a brawny male lead who knows the truth but can never seem to just get anyone to believe him, with the exception of his ravishing yet unassuming female lead, even better.

The Day After Tomorrow? Loved it. Armageddon? Sign me up. Twister? I’m along for the ride. Volcano? In the middle of LA, why not?

You see, it’s an embarrassing plight to be sure. Do you have cinema skeletons hiding in your closet? If you tear up every time Drew Barrymore finds out she loves herself just the way she is, or if you’ll watch any movie Hugh Grant slaps together just because you’re a sucker for his British accent, let me know. It can’t get any worse than voluntarily watching Tommy Lee Jones try to hook up with Anne Heche, can it?

2 thoughts on “Skeletons Welcome Here

  1. I LOVE natural-disaster movies!!! I do not understand why people think they are bad. I love Dante’s Peak, and The Day After Tomorrow no matter what anyone says. They just have bad taste. =)

  2. -Del, I KNEW there had to be other people out there who enjoyed those movies as much as I do! There’s no romance that a little imminent peril and improbable foreknowledge can’t fix :)

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