The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 10

I have to start this week’s quest update with a story. A story about temptation.

I have been assaulted by cupcakes in the past few days. Literally assaulted. Like, every freaking where I go, there’s a luscious cupcake staring me smack in the face, smelling its yummy smells and luring me into perdition with creamy frosting. I blame birthdays. We celebrated a couple in the family over the weekend, with the last birthday getting celebrated on Monday night.

Tuesday afternoon was my personal training session so I climbed into my car, eager to put Cupcake Alley behind me to head for Greener Salad Pastures. And what should I find in my car?

A cupcake.

Wes took one on Monday night with the intention of eating it later, and then forgot it in my car. It had sat there all night, filling my car with the transcendent smell of chocolate, peanut butter, and TEMPTATION.

I sat there staring at it, like it was a rattlesnake that might bite me. Moving slowly, I reached for it, careful not to move too quickly lest it cram itself in my mouth. Carrying it into the house, I set it on the counter and then turned, my hands shaking with the exertion of being so close to peanut butter buttercream and not eating it.

I managed to make it to my personal training session without further incident, but it was a near thing.

And that just about sums up this week in weight loss. It turns out that cupcakes are still fan-frigging-tastic even after you’ve lost 27 lbs.

But, I have lost 27 lbs., which means I lost weight this week, which means I had only a brief interlude with the no good very bad weight loss plateau. Huzzah! For details on what I did to defeat the horrible weight loss plateau, check out my blog post for Fitness Together Sammamish for this week!

12 thoughts on “The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 10

  1. TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS, ERIKA. You are amazing. Can you see the difference in yourself? You were always adorable – but you look fantastic. Keep it up! I love seeing your weekly updates!

  2. -Emily, Awww you are so nice to me! I can tell the difference in pictures, but it’s always so hard to tell the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror, isn’t it? I mean, your pants can be falling off and you can still think you look the same. Thanks so much for the encouragement and compliments, you are sweet like a…like a….CUPCAKE!!!

  3. Those darn cupcakes! They are EVIL, I tell you, EVIL. (Much like the mailboxes which keep jumping out in the path of my car…)

    Congratulations on both resisting temptation and 27lbs down!

  4. -Blanche, Oh, but how can something so evil taste so RIGHT?! Sorry to hear about your transient mailboxes, that would be an annoying problem to have! Thanks for the congrats :)

  5. I can’t even keep cookie supplies in the house. I can’t. I can not resist them. So, I can’t even make them. If I do, I bake them and give them away. What doesn’t get given away goes in the trash.

    I want you to re-read that sentence. YOU’VE LOST TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS! You’re amazing! So amazing. Can you believe you were almost 30 pounds heavier a few short weeks ago?

    You are un-paralelled in awesomeness.

    And you’ve lost more weight than me! *wink* So proud friend! Let’s hike Mt Si together when I’m home!

  6. -Jennifer, Mmmmmmm cookies. Who CAN resist them?! Warm and gooey out of the oven, or even fresh and soft and doughy straight from the bowl. Cookies are delicious in all their forms. 27 pounds. It feels unreal. I can’t say I miss the extra poundage! I may have lost more weight than you, my dear, but you were definitely skinnier than me to begin with! We should totally hike Mt Si, and then have some cookies when we get to the top ;)

  7. Holy 27 pounds, even with cupcakes Batman!!

    (I feel the need to apologize for my cupcake picture last week. ;) )

    I so admire your resolve, especially with the gym. The gym and I just don’t get along… The environment is scary and distracting to me, I’d rather be left alone with a walking trail and my ipod. Or Puppy, he works too.

  8. -Txtingmrdarcy, Ha! No no need to apologize for the cupcake picture, so long as I can’t smell it I’m okay! I do love taking dogs for walks, I miss walking with Doc Holliday. Maybe someday you’ll find a gym that isn’t scary?

  9. 27 freaking pounds! OMG, you are awesome… 27 pounds in like what, 2 months… oh my goodness… 27 pounds! hats off to you! :))

  10. -G, 27 pounds since the beginning of January! I started personal training at the beginning at February when I was 207 pounds. I lost about 10 pounds thanks to weaning Aidan and cutting back on desserts! I just didn’t want you to think I’d lost 27 pounds in two months, that would be crazy! Thanks for the congrats, how’s it going for your weight loss journey?

  11. You are still awesome ! :-) Thanks for asking, its going good – I am working out 6 times a week. The diet looks alright. Being a vegetarian has its disadvantages – I try to keep a low carb diet and include lot of greens and veggies in my diet. Your posts are a great motivation and I never miss reading them ! :) Keep it up!

  12. -G, Wow, way to go, lady! You are doing so well! Meat is pretty high-calorie, so maybe being a vegetarian means you get to eat more? Either way, it sounds like you’re making excellent progress. Woo hoo!

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