The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 11

You can tell how far apart the pictures have been taken by examining the length of my roots...

I have to make this post quick because I have a baby with a cold who’s decided a thirty minute nap is sufficient even though it is NOT. I can’t state that unequivocally enough. Thirty minutes? Is insufficient.

Anyway, I lost weight this week, almost called it quits on the whole eating well thing because apparently I am insufficient, and then I blogged about the whole thing for the Fitness Together Sammamish blog. If you feel like finding out how that whole shindig shook out, maybe you’d like to take a little trip over to their blog?

It’s here. And below? A penguin getting tickled. You’re welcome.

EMBED-Ticklish Penguin – Watch more free videos

4 thoughts on “The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 11

  1. I agree, a 30 minute nap is 100% insufficient. I hope Mr. A is back to longer naps ASAP!

    I hope you feel as fantastic as you look! Roots and all. :)

  2. Thank you! Ticklish penguin!

    Erika, the pictures are awesome, you’re doing an amazing job!

  3. You look outstanding. Seriously. You look thinner and happier every week. Just say no to eating crap! Well, at least, sometimes. :-)

  4. -Blanche, Same for your Little One! 30 minutes is barely enough to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee!

    -dc, Ha! Glad the penguin brightened your day and thanks for the compliments, I appreciate them!

    -Jennifer, Awww, thanks! As for eating crap…Well…I’ll do my best. I’m only one slightly shabby human, after all!

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