The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 5

What has two thumbs and lost weight last week? This girl!

Just check out that photo above! That’s week one on the left, and week five on the right. There is some serious size reduction going on here! My caboose is smaller, my tummy is flatter…I even think my neck is skinnier!

Now, because I love being a tease I won’t tell you how much weight I lost last week or what I weigh now. But! You can find that info on my Fitness Together Sammamish blog post right now. Like, click on that link and kaBOOM! Stats for you!

You really want to check it out because I talk about frosting. And personal training. But also frosting. And then there’s my weight for this week which made me do a triple-take because I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.

Seriously. Worth checking out.

10 thoughts on “The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 5

  1. Wow amazing! How do you count calories you eat per day – also, how many times in a week do you work out?

  2. -G, Thanks! I have an app on my Droid phone that tells me how many calories are in things and tracks how many I’ve eaten each day. I exercise 4-5 times every week. Two of those times are with a personal trainer, and the rest are on my own at the gym.

  3. ok i am totally blog stalking you. and YOU’RE AMAZING WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!! I can totally see a change! Face, neck, tummy, arms, YUP!!!!!!!! Ok i might go do some sit ups now. :-)

  4. Hi Erika, I found your blog through and wanted to say hi – you look like you are making amazing progress, good for you! I recently fell off the Weight Watchers wagon, so seeing others doing so well is very inspiring!

  5. -Amy White, Ha! Stalk away, but since we know each other IRL I don’t think it counts as stalking ;) Thanks for the compliments!

    -Meaghan, Well hello there! I’ve heard such good things about Weight Watchers, particularly about their mobile phone applications. Thanks the compliments and saying hi!

  6. Check out the incredible shrinking woman up there! You’re right, changes in your face, tummy and caboose (love that) are seriously noticeable. Woot woot!!

  7. -stef, Thanks! I’m becoming a skinnier tortoise by the day!

    -Txtingmrdarcy, Thank you! I felt too shy to refer to my posterior as anything but a caboose :) I mean, how often do you intentionally call people’s attention to that part of your body on the Internets?

  8. My sister and I refer to our cabooses as “biscuits.” As in, “my biscuit is awesome in these pants.”

    You’re doing so well, you look great! That goal weight is getting closer and closer.

    Also, my oldest son is photovoltaic. as in, he eats no nutrients, and gains his energy from the sun, like a solar battery, or a plant. All kids go through a phase where they won’t eat anything but the favorites.

    They will eat when they get hungry, but you have to be prepared for lots of whining and fit pitching. Stand firm in the behaviour you want to correct, and you can do it!

  9. -Jennifer, And saying ‘biscuit’ doesn’t make you hungry? Because now all I’m thinking of is a fresh-from-the-oven biscuit slathered in honey butter. Oh lands…

    Photovoltaic! Ha! Thanks for the encouragement :)

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