The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 6

I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Do you remember those capris I’ve mentioned about a thousand times here? Seriously, do a search on my blog for the word “Capris” and you’ll see that I’ve mentioned them three times, which is weird because I’m fairly certain I’ve never written as extensively about any other item in my closet.

Anyway, the back story on these capris is that I bought them less than a month before finding out I was pregnant, after losing a whole bunch of weight. I was around 194 lbs and ecstatic to be able to shop at The Gap. I bought the capris after finding out that they fit me perfectly, and I wore them precisely once before Aidan exploded me into another pant size.

My BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is…Those capris fit. They fit well. For the first time in two years, I can wear my beautiful capris that have been sitting in my closet so forlorn for so long.


I have so many people to thank for this moment. My husband, for paying for my gym membership and eating healthy food with me. My son, for being delicious and happy and awesome. And most importantly, my trainers, for showing me how to work out and giving me the structure and plan I needed to make this possible.

In other, yet related, news, check out my blog post for Fitness Together Sammamish to find out how much weight I lost last week!

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