The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 8

I’m doing this all wrong. By which I mean, the more weight I lose the more I see how I have yet to go and the more annoyed I get with myself. Shouldn’t losing weight make me feel better?

As thrilled as I am to be experiencing such success with my weight loss journey, I can’t help but look back and wonder how I could possibly have let myself get to that point. It’s not that hard to lose 10-15 pounds, but to lose 50? That is a crazy ton of work, and I’m a little peeved at myself for getting to the point where I packed on that much weight.

Let this be a lesson to you: If you have weight to lose, lose it before it attracts friends.

Aside from berating myself for my wanton gluttony, this was a great week. I lose some weight, lost some inches off my waist, and managed to avoid injuring myself too egregiously.

If you’re interested, I talked about food and what a person like me eats every day to keep my calories at or below 1,530 calories per day over on my weekly blog post for Fitness Together Sammamish. You’d be surprised what you can get away with!

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 8

  1. You’re doing so great, I think even your fingers look skinnier!

    PSA: Don’t forget to re-evaluate your bra size as your weight drops. Seems to be one of the first places where I lose weight. :(

  2. -Blanche, You’re too kind, thank you! Hmm, might need to re-evaluate my brassieres anyway post-breastfeeding!

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