Slightly More Dignified Than Augustus Gloop

Today, I am long on enthusiasm and short on self control (much like Augustus Gloop). Why is that? Because today is February 4, 2013. Do you know what that means?!


I am LEGIT. A publisher liked my manuscript and spent time and money to edit it and polish it and get it a pretty cover and now BAM! It’s out in the wild. It’s stumbling around like a groggy, post-tranquilized bear that was rummaging through suburban garbage cans a few hours ago and is now careening drunkenly into trees.

Or maybe it’s more like a one year old baby, newly enchanted with self locomotion and running headlong into anything and everything.

Either way, it’s out! Blood Money is out, where people other than me and my friends can read it!

If you feel like reading a thriller that is hands down my favorite thing I’ve I’ve written, you can pick up a copy here on Amazon or in multiple e-reader formats on OmniLit. It’s also here in the Kobo store as well!

Thanks so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Slightly More Dignified Than Augustus Gloop

  1. -Blanche, I won’t take it personally :) Just know that my thrillers aren’t, y’know, like Hannibal Lechter thrillers. They’re more like Bourne trilogy thrillers (if Jason Bourne was an accountant).

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