Snapped Out Of My Lollygagging

It’s quite late at night and my linguistic skills are fading like a rose at the tail end of a hot August. Wes and I just finished cleaning the house in preparation for a busy day tomorrow. We’re expected to go to the district caucus (at 7:30am!!! On a Saturday!!! 7:30am!!!!!!!!) and I think it’s going to take up my whole day.

I was originally not planning to go. My weekend time is precious and I have a lot to do with the little time that I have. I felt bad, though, because I signed up to be a delegate and would have been reneging on my obligation.

Things came to a head while we were making dinner. I was flipping back and forth on the issue. I would lament how I couldn’t go because I was so busy and then start whining about how I felt bad because I felt like I should go.

Wes just ignored me, as he tends to do when I veer into nonsensical territory, when I reached a conclusion. I told him that he needed to confront me and just tell me to suck it up and get ‘er done!

His first attempt was a little too nice but his second attempt was right on the money. He stood in front of me and told me how it was going to be. I was going to help him clean the house tonight and go to the caucus tomorrow and there was to be no more lollygagging about it.

That did the trick. I’ve noticed that when I get busy I tend to obsess about the small things and allow those to take over my brain. Sometimes I need an abrupt break from that cyclic worrying and it’s nice to have someone there to help.

All in all, we cleaned the house, made delicious homemade lasagne, and lived to tell about it. The puppy has finally gotten over his fear of the vacuum cleaner and Wes has finally learned how to clean a shower.

Truth be told, Wes has had to learn how to do a lot of things since I started these new jobs. He’s had to learn how to properly fold towels and t-shirts, cook chicken florentine, and scrub a toilet. It’s been a growth experience for both of us but for sure I got the better part of that bargain.

While I get sit here writing late at night, he gets to do the dishes and sweep the floors. Ah, sweet sacrifice, what would marriage be without ye?

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