Sneak Attack Dining

Wes gifted me with a day off on Saturday, to spend however I wished. I opted to do my hair and makeup and then spend time at a coffee shop for an hour, writing and editing, and then meet a friend for lunch and a movie.

(We saw Contraband, for the record, and enjoyed it)

With my hair and makeup still looking so pretty, Wes decided when I got home that he wanted to take me out for dinner. We dropped Aidan off with his grandparents and scooted.

Wes had done a search for the best local restaurants and found an Italian one he wanted to try (you can check out their menu here). When we pulled up, we were a little skeptical.

It was in a strip mall, with a jungle of vegetation outside and neon lights on the windows. It looked…Umm…Like not the kind of place you expect to find really yummy Italian food.

Still, we would not be deterred. We walked in and found a tiny little restaurant crammed full of patrons. We were seated at one of the last empty tables and promptly attended by one of the best waiters I’ve ever had.

Everything we had there was absolutely scrumptious, surpassing our expectations and ensuring we went home with happy bellies stuffed full.

As we left, I looked back at the restaurant. Sandwiched between a Mexican supply store with a display of cowboy boots in the window and a self-service dog washing store, it was completely unassuming. You would never think it was voted one of the best restaurants in that city.

If I had just been walking by, I probably would not have given that restaurant a second thought, and that would have been a mistake.

It just goes to show you…Sometimes eating at shady, rinky-dink places gives you salmonella. But sometimes it gives you the best surprise dining experience of your life.

7 thoughts on “Sneak Attack Dining

  1. We randomly ate there once – it was amazing! I specifically remember getting a frozen, hollowed out peach filled with scrumptious peach sorbet for dessert :)

  2. I could have confirmed for him, had he asked… very good place. Family/friends eat there all the time. I’ve only been a couple of times because the drive is kind of brutal from my current abode.

  3. -dc, I’m beginning to suspect that Wes and I are the only Eastside dwellers who are new to that place, but that’s ok.No longer! Got any other restaurant suggestions you wanna share?

  4. Mmmm…. our favorite sushi place is between a bank and a liquor store, and we had the same reaction at first… And every time we consistently have amazing food. Plus, the liquor store turned out to be a bonus with a BYO establishment. My first reaction would probably have been like yours, though. :)

  5. -Txtingmrdarcy, No way, a BYO sushi place?! That’s SUCH A GOOD IDEA! Why aren’t MORE restaurants BYO? Oh, wait. I know why…It’s nowhere near as fun when you don’t get to charge a 400% markup on booze…

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