Sneak Attack November

EGADS!  Do you have any idea what day Monday is?  Do you?  DO YOU?!?!?!

Monday is November 1, which means it’s officially the first day of NaNoWriMo.  It kinda snuck up on me.  I kept thinking, “I have loads of time to get ready!  NaNo’s not until after my brother’s wedding!”  Now, however, my brother’s wedding is in the rearview mirror and I kind of feel like a deer in the headlights.

November is coming, you guys.  And it isn’t taking prisoners.

Never fear though.  I have a plan.  I’m going to write a lot, and then I’m going to write some more, and then I’m going to keep writing until my mind gives out or the joints of my fingers do.

Wouldn’t you agree that life is just better when you have a plan?

Have a great weekend everyone, and a spooky Halloween!  You can expect adorable costumed-baby pictures if you check in on Monday!

7 thoughts on “Sneak Attack November

  1. I suppose I should have an outline… or at least an idea… or… hmmm… maybe this isn’t happening this year…

  2. -dc, Is not the subtitle of NaNo “No plot, no problem”? You can’t back out now, man. Aidan’s really counting on you to write the great American novel this year. Do you really want to be the very first person to disillusion my wee baby boy?

  3. At some time between 3 and 4 AM this morning while semi-awake and waiting for the Little One to sound her need to feed the thought crossed my mind that you must be ramping* up for NaNoWriMo…

    Good Luck!

    *The dictionary says this is not a word and one of the replacement suggestions is ‘cramping’. Perhaps that is more appropriate, really?

  4. Alright, lady. We’re officially in this together. You hooked me with your urging post a couple of weeks back with the “hey, it’s ok if Godzilla attacks the main character in your chick lit”. Good luck, my friend!

  5. -Blanche, Ha! Isn’t it funny what your mind drifts to during those sleepy hours? Also, when I read your footnote I happened to be drinking coffee and your footnote is now responsible for me spurting coffee out my mouth while laughing, thereby ruining a good shirt.

    -Belly Girl, GET OUTTA TOWN!!! Awesome! Good luck to you as well, I can’t wait to undertake this, uh, undertaking with you! See? The words, they’re already a-flowing!

  6. Ooh, what’s your nanowrimo name? I’d love to befriend someone who can make me laugh (especially when I enter zero words and see how fabulously everyone else is going!). As you could probably tell by my last blog, I’m not exactly ready for it!

  7. -peta-jo, My NaNo name is ParsingNonsense and we should totally be NaNo friends!!! I’ll cheer you on, even if you write 100 words total it’s still 100 more than had been written before, so I say WIN!

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