Snowballs in Hades

Oh my goodness, I step away from my blog for a couple days (on a weekend no less!) and immediately I get chastised for not updating regularly enough! It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

I couldn’t update, though, because I was stuck in a couple of never-ending computerless tasks that nevertheless consumed my entire weekend. On Saturday, Wes and I attended the Republican district caucus. The website said that the festivities (HA!) started at 7:30am but what they really meant was that you could start signing in then. The caucus didn’t actually start until 9am-ish which meant that Wes and I had a jolly old time just sitting in an elementary school gymnasium wondering when the caucus was going to start.

I think this will be the last caucus I go to, though. It’s just really not my scene. I don’t particularly enjoy talking about politics in public (it always feels rather illicit to me) and I’ve recently decided that the Republican party needs a major overhaul before I’ll feel comfortable hobnobbing with its denizens.

While I agree with the Republican philosophies about spending priorities and small government, I find that the party has stagnated and is in dire need of fresh air. The problem, however, is that the party is so repugnant (to me and, I’m assuming, others of my ilk) that I fear the fresh air will never come.

For instance, someone announced that Obama had won in Wyoming. One guy stood up and asked if he’d persuaded “All those Brokeback Mountain guys to vote for him”. Klassy.

This means that while Wes is welcome to rejuvenate the political party of our choosing he will have to do it without my rather irritated company (I grew rather peeved when I realized that the caucus was going to take up my whole day. We were there from 7:30am until 4pm. Honestly, it was all freaking day).

Sunday brought with it nice weather and yard work. Our yard is coming together nicely and when it’s done I’ll post some pretty pictures for your perusal. Wes trimmed hedges and I planted pansies (Is it juvenile that I always giggle when I say that?) and we bought a corkscrew pussy willow (Again with the giggles) as a centerpiece for our lawn.

We leave for Israel pretty soon and I think we might just have a snowball’s chance in Hades of pulling our house together before then. As long as I’m not expected to go to any caucuses between now and then, that is.

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