So Much For Clever Titles…Happy New Year!

Seeing as I’m soon to be in-demand for the preparation of homemade lasagne this will be a regrettably short post. Most of you, however, will probably find the brevity refreshing so, you know, this one’s for you! Wes and I had an excellent New Year’s Eve together. Wes had fun because for the first time in our long history together I didn’t get smashed with champagne and I had fun because I made it all night long in my beautiful red shoes! It was a win-win situation for everyone. We celebrated with our good friends Scott and Nina at a very darling little wine bar in Issaquah. There was good food, great wine, and astounding company. We have a lot of fun together because we’re all quite different and thus hilarity ensues. We stayed until 1:30am and are exhausted today but I suppose that’s par for the course.

While we drove home we were thinking about 2007. It was a challenging year for us. There were a lot of opportunities to grow and we feel like we know each other so much better now than we ever have before. Regardless of the progress we’ve made, we’re both still hoping 2008 will be full of a few more happy faces.

We’re hoping to sell this house and move into our “forever house”, make serious headway in paying off my student loans, and buy Wes a new computer. We’re hoping to laugh more and yell less. Above all, we’re just hoping for another year of good health and blessings.

Even if we don’t have our health this year, though, we’ll always have my ambition…

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