Someone Hold Me, Please

Things are, as always, moving warp-speed around here. Our new carpet is being installed on Friday so Wes and I are playing a new game called “Where the Frick Are We Going to Put All of This Crap?” The rules are simple. Everything that is on carpet needs to not be.

We started last night and, as you can see in the picture below, our living room took the hardest hit: You can dimly make out the outline of our couch beneath the guitar case and behind the book shelf. You can also dimly make out the last vestiges of my sanity as I gaze in horror at my once neat house. We have two contractors who are helping us and so I have a lot of people coming in and out of the house to take measurements and such.

Imagine my horror, then, upon coming home today to find a beautifully preserved dirty footprint on my stairs. The humanity, indeed! I know logically that the carpet is being ripped out in two days so it would a complete waste of time to clean but oh, dear goodness are my hands itching to turn on my vacuum and run it until the foundation itself screams for mercy.

There are also little shreds of carpet that our contractor (who is also Wes’ brother and is doing a great job so far) cut out of the carpet around our stair railing. There are little fuzzies all over the freaking place but I’m bound by logic and reason not to clean them up! I have the feeling my house will soon be awash in fuzzies and I might just go comatose.

So how, might you ask, am I dealing with all this madness? How am I quelling the compulsive little beastie within that pleads with me to just vacuum, for five minutes, no one will ever know? With patience and a good dose of healthy perspective added in for good measure.

That’s patience over there on the left and on the right is his solid companion, healthy perspective.

Of course, I can avail myself to neither right now because it’s 3 o’ clock in the afternoon and I do have some shreds of decency left. Besides, that’s what ice cream’s for.

My computer and desk are the next things to be moved and from then on I’ll be working from the comforts of my kitchen (where the ice cream is closer, anyway). I know the carpet is going to look great so I’m holding on to that hope while I try to avoid looking at my shambly excuse for a house. Also, try to use shambly in a sentence today. It might just brighten your day because it sure brightened mine.

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