Sorry, We’re Fresh Out of Serious

I have to type this fast because the weather outside has taken a turn for the nasty and, as the power has already chosen to go out today, I want to make sure I get this posted before it decides to go again. Honestly, I cannot overstate how icky the weather outside is. The temperature is in the 30’s, it’s windy as heck, and it’s been raining nonstop all day.

According to reputable sources, it’s supposed to snow this weekend. Boo! A lot of people enjoy the snow because it’s white, and pretty, and rare, and winter wonderland-y and all kinds of cheerful stuff but I’m not really a fan. In my opinion, it’s cold (which = unpleasant), and only looks pretty until someone walks/drives over it and then it just looks like a dirty snow cone. And nobody likes a dirty snow cone (if this is secretly a slang term on Urban Dictionary please don’t tell me. I prefer my innocence).

I’m excited for later tonight, though, because Wes and I get to go to a holiday party. Hip hip hooray! I do believe this is the first holiday party we’ve ever attended as a married (or likewise) couple so I’m looking forward to it. What I’m particularly looking forward to is a chance to get out of the house for the evening and mingle with some friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

It seems like lately, with the economic crap-storm we’re living in, that life has gotten a little too serious and I’m looking for a little levity. I enjoy people-watching, and from what I’ve seen the last few months people are looking ever-so-serious and there’s a major dearth of mirth amongst my fellows.

That’s why I’m so looking forward to this holiday party, and that’s why I continue to be so jazzed about the holiday lights we put up on our staircase. Because even though we’re all broke, it doesn’t mean that we can’t take part in the best parts of Christmas.

I reserve the right to eat too many hors d’oeuvres, drink too much wine, and laugh too loud at the white elephant gifts. I claim for myself the privilege of staring at the Christmas lights in wonder because they make me feel like a little kid sometimes. In the name of all things fun, I stand firm in my decision to drink egg nog even though I don’t know what’s in it because life is way too serious to be taken seriously right now.

Ahem. OK, I’m stepping off my soapbox now, but feel free to agree with me if you’d like to. As for me, I’m going to go scour my house looking for a white elephant gift to wrap up and present to a random stranger. It might end up being a half-eaten tin of cookies, I’m just not sure yet. I’ll keep you posted.

If, later this evening, I find you looking dourly at the latest stock market news I won’t judge you, but I would much rather find you dancing around the room to “Jingle Bell Rock” with a Christmas bow atop your head and a great big mug of spiked egg nog in your hand. You see, at least then I’d get to jump in there with you.

I hope your weekend is long, relaxing, and full of as much nonsense and levity as you’d like.

7 thoughts on “Sorry, We’re Fresh Out of Serious

  1. I STILL live for snow days. I love the possibility of an unexpected (and therefore responsibility-free) day off work. And with all the Christmas prep I have left, I could really use one!

    Friday night we went to my husbands work party (appetizers, open bar, 4-course dinner with choice of four entrees, but sadly no white elephant exchange). My office isn’t having a party, well, because we have no work.

  2. 1) Dearth of mirth: love it.

    2) Absolutely agree. And although I love getting new things and I love it when I can find the right gift for someone, that whole business of giving, but mostly receiving, gifts is the most stressful and my least favorite part of an otherwise great season.

    3) Personally, I will be upset if I find out you DIDN’T eat too many hors d’oeuvres, drink too much wine and laugh a little too loud. ‘Cause that never hurt no one.

  3. -Mrs. Higrens, Snow days are super awesome so long as you don’t have to try to go somewhere during one. I grew up in a sunnier place and, therefore, snow scares the socks off of me. I can’t walk in it, I can’t drive in it, and dang it if I don’t get cold and grumpy if I have to stand in it without the full regalia of snow attire at my disposal. I’m so glad you got to attend your husband’s holiday party! It’s lame that your company’s not having one, but that just means more paychecks all around…? I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the open bar for me :)

    -Dane, 1) re: dearth of mirth, I HAD to do something that could equate to “Erudite esoterica”, man, cuz you laid down the gauntlet!

    2) Yeah, it’s hard to enjoy overeating and rupturing crucial portions of your digestive system if you have ulcers as the result of making a holiday budget work with no income! Give indigestion, not ulcers!

    3) Wes may disagree (about the whole drinking-too-much-wine-never-hurt-no-one thing) but don’t get upset because Wes and I had an AWESOME time on Friday. We ate, we drank, we laughed abour presents, and I got to hold a sleepy baby for a long time and it was all kinds of nice! We exchanged a cookbook I’ll never use (too many expensive and silly ingredients to be practical) for a bottle of wine and cute holiday decoration. We definitely came out on top in that deal!

  4. -Wes, I cannot BELIEVE you brought that up. That’s one of the secret things. One of those secret things that NEVER HAPPENED, capisce?

  5. 1) Why are you two UP? It’s like, 7:20 in the morning?!?!?
    a) Posting comments back and forth on a blog when you’re a single story and about twenty feet away is very Penny Arcade… I approve.

    2) The “that never hurt no one” was in reference to how you “might be laughing a little too loud.” Eating and drinking too much has DEFINITELY hurt someone. Ask the Romans.

    3) Snow: awesome when it first falls. But snow shouldn’t last more than say, a day, without fresh snowfall. Dirty brown snow blocking up parking lots and creating small rivers in overflowing gutters and ditches is no fun.

  6. -Dane, 1) We’re up because I have to be at work at 8AM now, not in my office in my pajamas. So, we get to wake up early now! Hooray! Yes, we are very nerdy. Sometimes instead of getting up to discuss something we just send one another BlackBerry messages to communicate, even though we’re only a floor apart.

    2) Oh, good point. Yes, laughing too loud probably never hurt no one, except maybe the guy who was standing right next to my face while I honked laughter (that guy may have been named Wes).

    3) No, you’re right, dirty snow if gross. It’s just slippy and cold and EWW. I like the image of snow blocking the gutters though. It’s like run-off crowd control gone horribly wrong. It’s anarchy in the water cycle!!!

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