Stomach Flu Takes No Prisoners

Oh my gosh, you guys. Stomach flu. It’s no joke.

I’ve had the stomach flu before, and it has been and always will be my most dreaded disease. I hate throwing up, so much so that I would writhe around in panicked nauseous terror rather than relent and just let it all come up. I hate hate hate vomiting.

2 AM on Tuesday morning found me waking up out of a very deep sleep, with a horrible grinding sensation in my stomach. Disoriented, I wondered what was up before remembering that someone I know recently had stomach flu. And so did her son. And her son played with my son and that means…OH NO NO NO.

At that exact same moment, Aidan woke up crying. I tried to pry myself off the floor of the bathroom to get him when I heard Wes say ¬†from Aidan’s room, “I think we have a flu baby.”

Aidan and I proceeded to spend the next three hours painfully awake, alternating between throwing up and changing outfits. Every time I’d get him sleepy his stomach would up and ruin everything. Poor guy, he was miserable, I was miserable, he was upset watching me be miserable. It was awful.

I had what I think of as a quintessential mom moment, though, so there’s that. I was trying to change Aidan’s outfit when my stomach decided to execute the emergency evacuation plan. I grabbed a trash can to catch the result of said evacuation, keeping one hand on Aidan so he wouldn’t roll off the table and hurt himself.

He started crying, probably because his mommy was retching into a trash can. Between heaves, I reassured him that mommy was just fine, even working up a few smiles here and there. I think moms have a special super power that enables them to be awesome even when they’re abjectly miserable.

Honestly though, yesterday was the longest day of my life. That’s the drawback of being a stay at home mom, there are no sick days. My head swimming from a fever, sleep deprived, and unable to eat even Saltines without feeling sick, I still had to take care of Aidan. Not only that, but I had to run four loads of laundry just in case we needed more clothes to be sick on.

The only bright side of this whole thing is that this probably bodes well for my weigh-in on Saturday, huh?

6 thoughts on “Stomach Flu Takes No Prisoners

  1. -Blanche, Ha! No, it hasn’t quite left us alone yet. I fed Aidan a bottle before his nap this morning only to have it all come spewing out of him fire-hydrant style. I think he probably ate too much too quickly, but I could be wrong. There’s a steep learning curve to this whole caring-for-a-sick-baby thing!

  2. OMG – :( please take care, both of you! have something that helps cool the stomach. yogurt/buttermilk whipped with crushed cumin seeds and salt is generally considered a soothing drink for the tummy in south of India. get well soon, you guys!

  3. -G, Thanks for the well wishes! I like your suggestions, might just have to whip some of that up, it sounds tasty!

  4. Ahhh my dear sister in law–Patrick got the stomach flu this last week too and missed 3 days of work. I don’t think I came down with the flu, but was still puking of course… YAY! We literally moved our bed out of our bedroom and into the living room so we could stay in bed all day and watch TV and take turns vomiting in the bathroom. We were a hot mess.

  5. -Amy, Why didn’t you invite us over, we could have had SUCH a fun time! Saltines and Ginger Ale for everyone! We may even have ended up with someone wearing a lampshade, if only because of sad fever hallucinations. Levity aside, I hope you guys are feeling better!

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