Super Shiny-Clean

Maybe you remember this or maybe you don’t, but my second book is due to be published by Champagne Books in February of next year. Hooray! Exciting! A ton of freaking work!

You see, I’m finding that the trouble with editing a soon-to-be-published-book is, well, editing it. Again. For maybe the umpteenth freaking time.

When my book was born, the first draft was my absolute pride and joy and the very best thing I’ve ever written. Until I dusted it off a few months later for proofreading and found that it was in dire need of some serious tweaking. I performed the tweaks and thought I was done. Then, I took some classes and realized that the entire freaking structure of the book was wrong.

After some serious deleting, slicing, dicing, rewrites, and still more proofreading, I decided it was ripe for sending out to friends and family to read. They all had suggestions and edits, so I scrutinized my manuscript yet again.

Only then did I send it out to publishers for consideration. Champagne Books liked it and referred me to an editor, who has just sent me revisions for the first half of the book.

So now I get to go through my book for the fourth or fifth time and try try try not to start hating my own writing because oh my gosh I’m so sick of reading my own stuff ahhhhhhhhh!!!

But this is the publishing world, no? The book has to be excellent and super shiny-clean to pass muster and be released into the wild. I’d just never realized how much work went into the book before it got published.

All this work just makes me eager to start a new book, though. I can’t wait to go hog wild with a sloppy first draft all full of irregularities and tense changes. Let the creativity flow and the chips fall where they may and leave the rigid days of manuscript polishing behind for just a little while!

But first, I have to finish my edits.

I can assure you that should you choose to buy my book when it comes out, it will be exceedingly polished and really easy to read.

I should know, I’ve read it myself about half a dozen times.

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