Surgery is an Expensive Way to Get Drunk

For the record: Wes’s company did not win the big fancy award. They remain finalists, however, which qualifies them as cooler than 98.1% of the other companies in the world. In my humble opinion.

As for me, I’ve had an interesting week. My surgery on Thursday went well; meniscus was removed, I was drugged, I ate lots of soup. I have to say, getting anesthesia is way more fun than I thought it would be. I thought I’d go to sleep and wake up groggy and disoriented.

Instead, I got a shot through my IV that made me feel instantly drunk. Then, my anesthesiologist told me he’d send me on a trip and asked where I wanted to go. I giddily replied, “Hawaii!” and then it was Goodnight, Erika. Hello, Hawaii.

I dreamed I was on a beach in Hawaii, sipping a Mai Tai from a lounge chair. When I woke up in recovery, I still felt drunk (from what I thought was the Mai Tai but was, instead, just the residual effects of the anesthesia). I thought everything was HILARIOUS. I giggled at everything, I smiled, everyone and everything was my very best friend.

Then I got home and found out that my Mom had baked me homemade bread and made me chicken soup from scratch. I ate a whole bunch, laughed some more, and then went to bed. Sleeping on painkillers is a pain, by the way. Like bungee jumping into sleep only to be yanked back from it a dozen times a night.

I survived, however, and the only evidence of my foray into the OR is a trio of black marks surrounding my knee. Oh, and a gimp that makes me look like the Hunchback of the Suburbs.

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